Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Mairo!!!

Okay... here is my first submission to the lil blue boo and Dharma trading design challenge. I am just so excited about this! I don't even care if I win (although that would be nice and flattering) but I just love the thrill of competing, the creative outlet, and mostly the kick in the pants to make me use some of this fabric I've been stashing.

Sooooo.... I love this hoodie pattern!
It fits William perfectly. I made a size 7 and shortened the sleeves just a bit- since I used an existing hem. I, of course, used applique for my embellishment. It is my FAVORITE type of embellishment. I got the Mario face from Stitch on Time.

I bought these Mario men's boxer shorts two Christmas's ago to make something for my oldest nephew... obviously never got around to it... so I chopped them up to make this hoodie, using every single bit of the usable fabric save about a 4 X 2 inch strip... that I'll probably stash. shrug. I even used the little tag out of the undies and sewed that on to the sleeve... it's one of William's favorite parts.

His most favorite part, though, is the kangaroo pocket and the running Mario applique. I like the pocket, too.

The great thing about making a hoodie for William is that he actually LIKES the hood. Most people just like the way they look, but William will wear it and love it. This is him on the way to school... isn't he cute.

and the best part about it was hearing him say.... in his undies, groggy from just waking up, sleep in his eyes, and crazy hair....

"Oh, WOW, MOM... I didn't know you could make something like this!!! I love it!"

...sigh.... my little man.


Susan said...

That is such a cool shirt. One of my favorite games on my first nintendo.

Mom said...

Love it. That's cool. William looks so skinny (I mean big and muscley).Pops is pigging Sophie.

Angie - said...

Girl! You sew SOOOOO GOOD!! I love all your work!

Terri Bowden said...

SO cute! Gosh I seriously hope one day I'll be able to do like 1/4 of the things u can. That would be great.