Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a hoot!

I made these little owl towels for a customer. She got them last week and was so excited, she ordered one more yesterday when I opened my etsy shop back up.

I do love these little guys, too.

Embroidery files info here and the bottom one is from a new set from Designs by Juju.

I'm off to stock my fridge... my favorite thing!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Boy Shower gifts!

Have you guys missed me???
Oh... Spring Break was so fun... and over so fast!

I needed yesterday to recuperate, wash clothes, pick up, un-pack, read the 1000's of emails in my inbox, open mail, pay bills, file taxes, and catch up on my tivo.

My machine is calling my name... but I still have some catching up to do.
So... here's some gifts I made for my new.... family member.... my cousin's new baby. What does that make him to me??? I don't know. But I know it was so FUN to sew for a little boy for a change! My Mom shipped me most all the fabrics and she let me work off some Christmas money I borrowed from her and I made the gifts from the both of us.

Here's a load of KY stuff I made him- so cute.

A staple in every shower gift I give- large receiving blankets and burp rags without embroidery.

I love these two little bibs! The crayons are from Lynnie Pinnie and the peace sign is from Embroidery Boutique. The pattern for the bibs is from my favorite 3 Basic Bibs pattern.

I just love these little beanie toys for babies. I was so excited when Sewing for Sarah put out a pre order for more of these toys. I already got this set which I'm not really crazy about, but I can't wait to see the rest.

I used the fabrics Mom chose for the back of the toys. So cute!
All the cotton fabrics are from

Then I made these little in the hoop projects for her to throw in the baby bag. The little zippered tissue case and this little coin purse that is perfect for carrying spare pacis.

Annie saw this little patch somewhere and liked the saying, so my sister Megan, digitized this file and I made it into a patch that she can iron on whatever she wants.

Mom really wanted a onesie with something chess related on it and Lydsie was so kind to digitize this little chess piece for me. I love this onesie!

A hooded towel with this sweet cub from Planet Applique and some receiving blankets with a little bear toy from Pickle Pie.

Another hooded towel (one of my favorites, ever!) with a little whale from Lynnie Pinnie and this little Hawaiian shirt.

I can finally post it, now that my cousin got her package in the mail!
I hope Xavier likes all his new stuff.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm going home!

I don't know if I'll be blogging any or not... so I'll see ya'll when I get home!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alyssa Grapes Birthday Part II

Oh... Alyssa... you are growing up so fast!
I had so much fun making your birthday presents!

I love making things for people! I want to make something for everyone, literally. When I hear what other people's kids are into I just go into... they would love this so much mode... in my head I'm dreaming up all the things I would make them if I had the time and money.

I'm not really that generous... I just love to make things that someone will love and that you can't get anywhere else. That joy of giving something you made and they will love is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

My older kids and nieces and nephews are a blast to sew for because they TELL me what they want me to make and then they're never disappointed. But... Alyssa is FUN to sew for because she doesn't need or want anything... so I get to make whatever I want to. It's awesome!!!

I've been dying to make one of these Doodle Girl dolls. I saw my first Bit of Whimsy doll on etsy a few years ago. I have to admit that it is what made me fall in love with etsy and start selling on there. I think Sarah's dolls are just the sweetest. I have several of her doll patterns and have made a few, but I would love to make time to sew more of them. I REALLY enjoyed making this little 'zeebee' Doodle for Alyssa and I hope that she will love it for years and years. Especially since I left off the little 'I Love You' button that I REALLY wanted to sew on there- but Grandma said was too dangerous. Ugh! But I did sew one of these adorable tags on the back... have I mentioned how much I love these tags from Digistitches? They are the perfect addition to special homemade things.

Her sweet sleepy face and very securely fastened bow for decoration.

The back of her.

My sweet tag.

I also got to make Alyssa some party stuff!
Thanks to Jerry's cousin, Terri Jo, over at Ruffles and Ribbons, I was able to make this adorable birthday hat! All the supplies are from Hobby Lobby and the embroidery file was from Stitch on Time. (Who by the way is NO longer selling anything that could have a copyright infringement. Yes- I already cried last night. I'm seriously devastated.)

It needed a tag, too.

In action.

I also made her a little matching bib with the same applique, some awesome hot pink chenille from and some cotton 'zeebee' fabric. I used the toddler bib pattern from the Sew Expected ebook by Strawberry Truffle. This is a great ebook for beginners! Leigh Ann was so kind to send me this ebook after I raved about her 3 Basic Bibs pattern. Thank you so much Leigh Ann!

And lastly, this AWESOME banner for her birthday party!

The banner file is from Embroitique. I love how it came out. I just took the one that I made for Valentines day and changed the font to Boys R Gross. I love how it's tied together with bits of fabric, ribbon, and tulle.

I can't wait to go home tomorrow! Will you guys miss me?? I will be gone for a whole 10 days in TEXAS!!! Wooo Hoooo! I'm not sure I'll be doing much sewing... but I know I'll have FUN!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My God baby is almost 1!

Oh gosh... I can not believe it. My sweet little niece and God daughter, Alyssa, will be turning one next week.
Here she is as a cute little newborn.

And look at her now- so big and pushing big sister, Hailey.
I love this picture!

Well... there is a big shin din planned for her birthday this Saturday. And woo hoo! I'll be there. William starts Spring Break on Friday and we are all heading to Dallas, TX! My favorite place in the world! Especially now that my little sister is moving back to the area. Yay Megan.

Every little birthday girl needs a cupcake outfit and what could be better than this shabby sweet ruched cupcake from Embroitique and this glittery cotton cupcake fabric from JoAnn's. I used a new pattern from Tie Dye Diva and Monkeysbug Tee's called 'How to sew soft waist baby shorts'. They are adorable! I just love the rise, the length, the waistband and the little pockets. I have a feeling I will use this pattern a bunch- especially if they make it in bigger sizes. This one only goes to 24 months. I made a 12-18 month size for Grapes (but as you can see, they fit Lucy) My little tiny baby.

I just love how this little outfit came out. The shirt is just RTW from Target.

and what is a birthday outfit without one of these cupcake hair pretties? IMO, every special outfit needs a special hair pretty! I love this one.

You like?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Tips!

I get questions all the time about sewing and embroidery. This had led me to start 'Tuesday's Tips'.

Now... I am by NO means a professional at sewing or embroidery. Everyone has different methods that work for them. I will just be sharing tips that I have learned over the years and that work for me and hopefully you will find them useful. If you think of something you would like me to cover, just comment here or zap me an email.

The first tip for Tuesday is about embroidering on towels. I embroider towels a LOT. I actually REALLY love it, because typically I can leave the machine on it's own and not have to worry about fabric getting tangled up- like when you are embroidering RTW.

I made these two little towels for my Mom and Dad for Easter. We have a funny running 'inside' Peep joke in our family. So, my parents will appreciate these.
I tested the designs for Lynnie Pinnie (they are not available yet... but should be soon)

Okay... so back to tips on towels.
I do them all the same (regardless of size, thickness, or type of design (fill or applique)

*hoop one layer of lightweight tear away stabilizer
(I use this one from All
*NEVER try to hoop your towel!
(This can be one of the most frustrating things as a new embroiderer. I don't know how many times I messed up projects because the hoop popped out or wasn't centered!)
*spray a generous amount of adhesive spray to the stabilizer- I use Sulky KK2000. I use a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby just about every time.
*find the center of your towel and center it up to your hoop
*generously pin the towel to the stabilizer around the edges of the hoop
*Embroider as usual making sure to use one layer of WSS to the top of the design.
I use water soluble trash bags from a hospital supply store. They are much cheaper and work great. I could not find the link from where my Mom got them last time- but here is an Amazon price. This is a HUGE case- hence the HUGE price. This would last you a lifetime.
*never use fleece as a fabric to applique. The fluff from the towels make the fleece look really fuzzy and pilly over time- GROSS!

And that's it, that's how I embroider on towels.
I hope you find today's Tuesday Tip helpful!

And if you were looking for links for the owl towels from yesterday, click here.

I can't wait for my copy of The Princess and the Frog to get here! Come on UPS man!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I guess I'm not the only one who loves this owl...

Special orders for these guys keep popping up everywhere.

I'm kind of partial to the orange one. Which one do you guys like?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another hooded towel post

I get so many requests for these hooded towels... I just have to post them when I make them. Except I made one the other day with a poodle that was mostly pinks and reds- so cute and I forgot to take a picture. Darn it.

These first three are for my cousin's new baby- the first boy in ages!!!!

Fort the first one, I used this Robert Kaufman print to line the hood and this cute little whale from LP. Holy cow! I love it.

For this one, I just merged the lil and fan in embird to this UK file from Stitch on Time. I can't ever find the link for it, though. I'm sorry.

Xavier's room is done in baby jungle animals- so I used this cute little cubbie from Planet Applique for this one. Isn't he cute! I love him, but he took a surprisingly long time to stitch out.

This one was made at the request of a customer, but then it wasn't the right colors. Shoot! The cute little westie is from Planet Applique.

These two were also for a customer- for a baby shower (one for baby and one for big brother) I love them, too. It's so fun to get to make stuff for boys once in a while!

The alligator is from Planet Applique and the turtle is from Applique for kids.

And lastly, Mario looks awesome on anything. I really want to make one of these for W. He would love it. I mailed this one off before he could see.

I want to make some more for my shop soon! What are your kids into right now???