Friday, March 12, 2010

Another hooded towel post

I get so many requests for these hooded towels... I just have to post them when I make them. Except I made one the other day with a poodle that was mostly pinks and reds- so cute and I forgot to take a picture. Darn it.

These first three are for my cousin's new baby- the first boy in ages!!!!

Fort the first one, I used this Robert Kaufman print to line the hood and this cute little whale from LP. Holy cow! I love it.

For this one, I just merged the lil and fan in embird to this UK file from Stitch on Time. I can't ever find the link for it, though. I'm sorry.

Xavier's room is done in baby jungle animals- so I used this cute little cubbie from Planet Applique for this one. Isn't he cute! I love him, but he took a surprisingly long time to stitch out.

This one was made at the request of a customer, but then it wasn't the right colors. Shoot! The cute little westie is from Planet Applique.

These two were also for a customer- for a baby shower (one for baby and one for big brother) I love them, too. It's so fun to get to make stuff for boys once in a while!

The alligator is from Planet Applique and the turtle is from Applique for kids.

And lastly, Mario looks awesome on anything. I really want to make one of these for W. He would love it. I mailed this one off before he could see.

I want to make some more for my shop soon! What are your kids into right now???


BConky said...

Man you have done a ton of towels lately. Miss you all. Can't wait for spring break.

Mary said...

The towels look great! How do you fold the towels to make them look so nice? I never take pictures of mine because they just look stupid when I attempt to fold them up. :)

Jennifer said...

I am loving Mario!! We are Nintendo collectors and I've looked all over for a Mario applique and havent found one. I clicked the link but it said product not found :(