Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby bums with ruffles... is there anything cuter?

I don't think so.

I just love ruffled bums.
Check this one out:

and the front, not nearly as adorable, but still. necessary.

I made this diaper cover as a custom order for a girlfriend of mine from high school. She saw this one I made Sophie and fell in love with it.

I used this pattern (that I told you was one of my favorites) and the fabrics are all from Hancocks. I bought them to make Alyssa one of these bumble bee's but never got to it. Maybe I can get that done for her birthday this month! I hope so. I really want to make her one of those.

Here is the whole outfit:

The embroidery file is a freebie from Planet Applique when you sign up for her yahoo group.

and what about names on bums.... do any of you go for that? I do. I love it.

I made this little St. Patricks onesie dress using Lyndsie's tutorial. The embroidery file is from Planet Applique and the fabric is from.... sorry I don't remember. Somewhere.

The whole outfit... she had to have a matching bow!

The 'Kiss me' hair pretty is from Pickle Pie designs. Isn't it cute!

Here's one I made for the girls:

and here's another little shirt I made custom for St.Patricks day

This cute little embroidery file is from Sewing for Sarah.

Now... to finish the load of custom work I've committed myself to do.


julia said...

These will adorn some cutie patooties!

Julia said...

I am sending this comment because my first one will not link to my blog. I need to get blogger straightened out!

BConky said...

All cute. Love the ruffle bum panties. Like the monkey too.

Just Jo said...

Adorable! I baby clothes!

Chelsi said...

Love it all...I need to have a girl just to wear the adorable things you make!