Monday, March 1, 2010

Basketball dress

Okay... so Boo's has been dying for a basketball dress ever since William started his season again.

I actually made this one for Lucy- but it got swiped. I need to make Boo's another one, though... this one is VERY short!!! Even for me.

So... I used the Sienna pattern for this one, too, but on the bottom portion I color blocked it by cutting the pattern in half, adding seam allowances, and cutting it in two colors. All the fabric is left over from two of Jacob's old t-shirts. The embroidery file is from Planet Applique- isn't it cute! I got this one and this one, too.

Posing with my Valentine present:

Daddy's car alarm goes off:

And that was the end of the photo shoot... then we all started playing basketball!

This is the last of my lil blue boo design challenge submissions. It was sooo fun! I love contests. And guess what??? Here's another one coming up! Anyone want to join me???


jellaan said...

Cute dress!! Thanks for the info on the new contest....I'm going to attempt to make some outfits.

BConky said...


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Susan said...

How cute that is, love it. Lol about the swiping my two older girls are 17 and 19, they still swipe each others stuff. Love how you colored block the bottom like that.