Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Custom Towel Contest Winner

I totally forgot to post the custom towel that I made for the winner of my first give-a-way. I had so many sweet comments. I felt almost guilty choosing just two winners. I think I'll do another give-a-way sometime. It was fun!

Crystal chose a pink bunny towel for her little girl, Jenna.
I do not use a pattern for this hooded towel. I just make the little nose and ears and then sew them onto the hood.

Poor William had to be my model for this one, as the girls were being uncooperative for some reason.

It just drives home the fact that I am like Aunt Clary in 'Christmas Story'. Do you guys love that movie? Mr. Cole and I do. It's one of our all time faves.

Look at my poor son.

hahahahhahhahahahhahahhaha.... sorry son.

He's a good sport, though. He actually thought it was pretty funny.

Plus, I bribed him with gum... so it was all worth it.

And all wrapped up in my secret folding way...

So if I do another give-a-way, what'd'ya guys want?


A Plus Quilt Shop said...

I want you to teach me your secret folding! Everything you make is awesome :-)

shelly said...

(I found your blog from SF.) That is the absolute CUTEST hooded towel I have ever seen!!! I love all the cute things you do for your kiddos. I used your tutorial for hooded towels and they turned how great. Thanks so much for taking the time to share that!

crystal_crtr2 said...

Jenna loves her towel and I am loving that it is a pink bunny like in the movie!! I love that movie too!! jenna has used her towel every night since it arrived here! It's a good thing it is a thick quality towel or it wouldn't hold up to all of the use she is going to be giving it! I will definitely be sending more business your way!

megangorman said...

: ) sophie misses you!

Angie - treasuresfortots@gmail.com said...

Love the towel!! Your model is too cute too!