Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My God baby is almost 1!

Oh gosh... I can not believe it. My sweet little niece and God daughter, Alyssa, will be turning one next week.
Here she is as a cute little newborn.

And look at her now- so big and pushing big sister, Hailey.
I love this picture!

Well... there is a big shin din planned for her birthday this Saturday. And woo hoo! I'll be there. William starts Spring Break on Friday and we are all heading to Dallas, TX! My favorite place in the world! Especially now that my little sister is moving back to the area. Yay Megan.

Every little birthday girl needs a cupcake outfit and what could be better than this shabby sweet ruched cupcake from Embroitique and this glittery cotton cupcake fabric from JoAnn's. I used a new pattern from Tie Dye Diva and Monkeysbug Tee's called 'How to sew soft waist baby shorts'. They are adorable! I just love the rise, the length, the waistband and the little pockets. I have a feeling I will use this pattern a bunch- especially if they make it in bigger sizes. This one only goes to 24 months. I made a 12-18 month size for Grapes (but as you can see, they fit Lucy) My little tiny baby.

I just love how this little outfit came out. The shirt is just RTW from Target.

and what is a birthday outfit without one of these cupcake hair pretties? IMO, every special outfit needs a special hair pretty! I love this one.

You like?


Janay said...
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Terri Bowden said...

LOVE the cupcake =). And Lucy looks gorgeous.

Janay said...

Can you briefly describe how you do the fluffy part of the cupcake? What supplies does it require?

Macy said...

Very cute! And Thanks to Lisa, hair things are my new love.....

BConky said...

Very cute stuff. Can't wait to see you all.

jellaan said...

Waht a cute little outfit!! Perfect for a little birthday girl!!

Liz said...

Aw, I love love it! Cant wait to have her model it! Lucky little girl to have such an awesome Godmother...she misses you lots!!