Saturday, April 3, 2010

The best Easter idea ever!

Have I mentioned my Mom is a genius?
She knows everything
and this has to be one of her best ideas ever!

When my brother and I were little (actually... I don't even know if I was born yet...)we lived in New York... brrr.... so it snowed on Easter.

When my little brother looked out the window he saw some puppy paw prints in the snow and got so excited because he thought they were the Easter bunny's prints.

That's what led to this brilliant idea.
Stenciling baby powder paw prints around the house.

I loved it. My brothers and sisters love it. My kids love it. My nieces and nephews love it. Everyone loves it!

All you do is:
1. cut out a paw print shape on some cardboard, poster board, part of a cereal box- whatever (I usually cut two small ones so that it goes faster!)
2. Get a bunch of baby powder and a powder puff
3. Go around the house 'stamping' the paw prints
4. When you're done make sure to hide the evidence well

For added fun- my Dad always did this- tell the kids you hope the Easter bunny doesn't get in: your basket of clean clothes, on the table, in the fridge... whatever
and then make sure the bunny gets in there. hehehhehheheheh... we love naughty Easter bunnies.

My Big Brother makes the Easter bunny poop at his house.... paw prints lead to the bathroom where the kids find a big pile of powder in the toilet. sigh.... my nephew loves it!!! He doesn't even believe anymore, but he still calls me and tells me about it.

Here's a photo of some of our bunny paw prints from last year.
That naughty bunny was on our kitchen table!

Take the time to do this! You won't regret it.


BConky said...

Hee Hee Hee it wasn't me it really was the easter bunny.

Crystal said...

LOL Seriously this is the greatest idea ever.. And the poop part really made me LOL.. Y'all are so creative!

Anonymous said...


Julia said...

What fun!!! I will tell my daughters about this!!!!

Just Jo said...

I have done this for Christmas using my husband's shoes as the outline! Works like a charm... And, I grew up in NY!

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

This is such a fun idea - can't wait to try it next year! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Now I can have fun going through your older posts.