Friday, April 9, 2010

Check out this Give-a-way!

Can you believe I've won two give-a-ways in the past couple weeks?
Amazing. I know.

I won a Kiva gift certificate from Gwen at After the Dress but haven't used it yet. I need to get on that.
I also won this awesome yellow camera strap from Christina at 3 Sweet P's. Now... to order that new digital SLR I NEED.... :)

And ... can you believe it....I also got this adorable package in the mail from Jessica at Happy Together.

The blogging world is so fun and weird and wonderful. You make relationships with people you've never met... yet... somehow you know in your heart that if you did meet and lived closer to each other- you would be the best of friends. It's so cool.

Give-a-ways and swaps and sharing ideas are one of the most rewarding and awesomest things about this crazy blogging world. I have been so lucky to receive and felt the joy of giving, as well.

Which brings me to- this awesome give-a-way going on at Embroitique right now. I'm so excited about it. There are several ways to enter and win. Go here for all the details.

I for one already have something in mind.... do you wanna see?
You have to promise not to steal my idea... okay. okay.

Here it is: I have these appliques and this awesome fabric. How great is that! I'm so excited.

Stay tuned to see what I make! :)I hope you'll join me and make something with those designs. I love to see what people make with the same designs.

and just for FUN- here's a couple of pictures of William on Superhero day. I decided not to make him something when he decided he wanted to be Batman. William has loved Batman for-ever. I'm not gonna lie- he's my most favorite hero as well. Batman is the coolest. So, he has a ton of Batman stuff already. I made that cape for him about 5 years ago for his 2nd birthday... when I first started sewing a lot and before I had an embroidery machine. I've been wanting to make him a new Batman cape with this pattern, but it's at my Mom's and I haven't traced it off yet. So, it will have to wait for another day. Maybe his birthday.

Isn't he cute in his under-oos and gloves though. He was reaching up to pretend he was helping a cat out of the tree. awww....

and this:

Me: "You look awesome as Batman, bud."
W: "I know. Evan didn't want me to be Batman, but I'm still going to because that's who I want to be"
Me: "Good for you, buddy, you should always be what you want... why didn't Evan want you to be Batman?"
W: "Well, because he's gonna be Batman and he said mine would be cooler than his, but it's okay... we can just be twins."

... heart melting.... isn't he sweet. He's definitely my sweetest child- ask anyone.


Just Jo said...

Nicole-DITTO about bloggers! Could not have said it better....
You go, batman-great story and I'm SURE it is the truth!!

Chelsi said...

You're lucky.....I never win anything!! :) Love William's batman story- his friend must know how talented William's mommy is!

BConky said...

William is the sweetest he took after his Dad.

Terri Bowden said...

Ohhh i love those frames so much! I've been wanting to enter a give away, you're giving me hope =). Thank you so much about the dresses! Seriously wouldn't be doing what I am if it wasn't for all your advice!

Julia said...

Wonderful gifts! I know exactly what you mean about the blogging community!!!
Batman is adorable!