Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colette patterns- new to me

So... I was reading thru my Pattern Review newsletter this morning when this caught my eye. How adorable is that coat and dress combo. oh man. Love it.

So... I've been browsing pattern review and blogs all morning trying to find people my size who have used these patterns. I found a few, but this is my favorite rendition of the pattern I think would be the most flattering on my body type. Man. Is that cute or what? Now, she is much thinner and not chesty like me, but I still think I could pull it off.

So... I did it. I went and bought the pattern this morning.
I've never spent that much money on a single pattern before in my life! It's about to kill me, but I've decided that I spend too much money on the cheap stuff JUST because it's cheap. I'll spend $12 easily at a time on .99 patterns- and rarely use them. I am trying to get better about getting what I really want- even if it's expensive and spending less on the stuff that is on sale. I hope that works out for me.

Now... what kind of fabric do I use? Most of the reviews I read used quilters cotton- but I HATE to iron. Any ideas for me?

and look at this adorable dress (that is horrible for my shape, but I still LOVE)
Here is the seamstress's blog.

My little sister Judy would be stunning in this dress. I showed it to Jerry and he was like, "It looks old...." aaaahahhahahha duh.
and so I showed it to Ella and she said, "Oh Mom, I want Tiana's marrying dress, not her work dress!!!!" Oh man... help me.


BConky said...

I hope it works for you. But I would like to make it for Judy to.

angie.a said...

"I'll spend $12 easily at a time on .99 patterns- and rarely use them."

OMG, I never thought of it that way! Duh! Now I can go buy more indie patterns, guilt free. hahaha!!! :P

I have this (muslin) cut out. I'm a curvier girl and busty too ( as you well know!) Maybe I should pull it out tonight and start basting it together to see how it looks. I just ordered two more Colettes recently too, the Sencha blouse and the Parfait dress. I have nearly all the others. I'm seriously addicted.