Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Custom work???

I love custom work when the customer and I see eye to eye... meaning they pretty much let me do whatever I want and they trust me... or they have the same taste as I do. As in, this adorable little owl towel.

But I get frustrated when the customer wants something that I know isn't going to come out great... come on... just let me add some other colors to these poor bland owls. Is it possible to make these adorable owls not cute??? Yes. It is.
Here's proof.

(Actually I quite like this guy... but the others....)

Yawn.... navy, blue, and white... boring.
I can't wait to be completely finished with customs.
Although, I am totally in LOVE with the one I made yesterday. I'll show you tomorrow.

...and if you're waiting for haircut pictures, you're gonna have to wait some more. I haven't downloaded them yet. So sorry Grandma.


BConky said...

I think the blue ones are cute. Not as cute as others but still cute. Different strokes for different folks.

Just Jo said...

I also think the blue ones are cute. I agree, more color, is better. Been there, done that, with customers-as long as you are getting paid!

ParisH_Cadiz0622 said...
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Julia said...

I have that argyle fabric from your first owl. I made a skirt for one of my grands. Love it. I have it in blue, too. Even though the three custom towels aren't as bright and cute as your usual, you still added personality to them. You're good!