Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The GREAT thing about creating....

is that you can make whatever you want, in whatever color, size, dimension you want.
I come from a BIG family of creaters- we all have different talents and interests, but we all get what we want- by making it ourselves.

My Mom has always sewn- she made my wedding gown, all my prom and homecoming dresses, and most of my clothes growing up.

My Dad is a carpenter- he made all our entertainment centers, pantries, shelves, hope chests for the girls, and toys when we were little.

Those loves have been passed to all five kids. Both of my brothers do woodworking (with the help of Pop's and his garage full of goodies) and all three of us girls sew. My little sister also digitizes and my littlest sister is an amazing artist and painter.

I can't imagine not having the courage to make it myself or at least try. I look at what people spend on clothes, jewelry, furniture, bibs, blankets, hair accessories... whatever and I want to puke. I think in my head "I can make that so much cuter and cheaper..."
Do you guys do that????

and what about making the things you can't buy in the store. I LOVE that I can make my kids and nieces and nephews the things they really want!!!

Which is what brings me to this. Finally.

My little guy is in LOVE with video games right now. Him and his cousin LOVE to play together and one of their favorite games is Punch Out. I don't know anything about it except that they love it. Apparently, one of the awesome characters is called King Hippo and in the game, he wears a crown. William has been begging me for a 'King Hippo Crown' for weeks.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I found this from Embroitique. Perfect for making William's king Hippo crown. The crown comes plain and you decorate it however you want. The PDF that comes with it is very detailed and easy to understand. I made it up the way it says to, but I'm thinking that you could even make 4 panels and attach them together for an even bigger crown. Since William is almost 7- that might work better for us. I made the 5X7 version on this one.

I added these adorable new boxing gloves from Lynnie Pinnie and then the words King Hippo with the delightful font by GG Designs. The fabric I used is some leftover from this super hero costume of Ella's. I also put some craft foam in there to stiffen it up at bit- like I did in these crowns for the girls. Did you know that you can embroider right over that foam stuff? You don't even have to trim it. After it stitches out, the foam just comes right off. It's pretty cool.

Here's the king Hippo crown in action- which lasted about 4 minutes before Lucy snatched it and said she was the king.

Mr. Tough Guy:

and one in which I made him smile:

I love making stuff for my little ones. It makes sewing so fun! :)


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean! I love love making truly unique things. My favorite is when a friend has a baby with an unusual name and I give her burp cloths with the baby's name on it. Every mom loves seeing her baby's name!

I also now walk through the clothing sections turning garments inside out to see how they were constructed. Why pay $60 for a dress when I can reconstruct it for less than 1/3 of the price? (And more durable I might add!)

BConky said...

William is so cute. Love his crown.

Ellie Inspired said...

He looks so cute! You're right - it is so fun to sew for our kids.

jellaan said...

Like you, I'm always looking at things in the store and saying I can make that, why would I pay that much for something I can do! Love the little crown and William is so cute!!

Love sewing for my kids too!!

Terri Bowden said...

Ah William looks precious! That crown, those shorts, that smile...=). We miss you guys! Even though we've only hung out once, ha. We should really try for something this summer. And your fabric stash below...nice, hahahaha! Although, I'm super jealous. I actually have quite a bit, and it makes me sad bc I have SO many ideas and not any time to do them. Ugh.