Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob Stephen!

Today my sweet nephew turned 7 years old. I can't believe it... oh man. That means that William is right behind him.

Look at this adorable picture of the boys. Aren't they precious! Jakey didn't even take a pacie, but when they were together he would get William's. I love this picture.
sniff.... I can't believe they're getting so grown up.

I made the traditional t-shirts for Jacob this year, but I'm so pleased with how many I got finished. Jacob has given me a pretty comprehensive list of 'needs'. This is probably 1/3 of his list. Mom said I got a little carried away... what do you think?

Here's my favorite one. This file is not for sale.

This file is SO CUTE! It's from Lynnie Pinnie and fits Jacob perfect!

A firetruck from Designs by Juju. William chose this one because it has a smile and he said, "Jacob always smiles".

Jacob loves Baby Einstein. This file is not for sale.

This penguin is just the cutest! I love him. He's from Planet Applique.

You guys should hear Jacob say "a lollipop shirt"... it is the cutest thing.
This lollipop is from Planet Applique.

I have always loved this gator applique I got from Sewing for Sarah. I was so pleased when Jakey asked for an alligator shirt.

Sesame Street is still the favorite and surprisingly... I've never made Jacob an Elmo shirt. This file is not for sale.

He also asked for a dinosaur shirt and I had a bunch to choose from, but this one from Planet Applique is my favorite. I just think it's soooo cute. Now- this one is not perfect. I left it for a minute and it got off. You can tell, but I don't think it's so bad. I just took it over to the regular machine and finished it up.

and last, but not least, he had to have a Cookie Monster shirt. His favorite. This one has a birthday hat! How cute. This file is not for sale.

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!


jellaan said...

You've been busy!! What a lucky boy to receive all these wonderful shirts!!

Just Jo said...

WOW! You have been busy, but extremely productive. Great array of shirts! The pic of the 2 boys is so precious!

BConky said...

The size difference now seems to have grown a bunch. Love the Alligator, Count & Cookie Monster shirts the best. But they are all really cute.

megangorman said...

i was waiting to see the 'yogurt' shirt haha! i'll be impressed when you come up with that one! they are all so cute! my favorite is the cookie and chocolate milk one! and the bday cookie monster! he'll love them... and have a new list for you!