Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ben!

Ben is my little sister's boyfriends nephew. Did you get that?
He is such a cutie patootie! His big day is next month, so he needed a birthday outfit.

He's turning 2, so naturally, he is SUPER into Sesame Street. When I found this applique, which is no longer for sale, I just had to have it for him.

I am so pleased with this jon jon. I thought the fabric was perfect (from Hancock Fabrics) and I just love the little vintage pattern I used.

It's Simplicity 8989 from 1970. Isn't the picture sweet?

Now... I'm not as picky as my Mom. She's been known to take apart an outfit several times to get the plaids matching perfect. And she always bastes first, which I don't.
Still, I am pretty happy with how I matched up the plaids. If you go look in your closets at RTW- you will see that the plaids NEVER match up- at least not where we shop.

My Mom taught me the coolest trick for making sure your plaids match up. (I will show you tomorrow on Tuesday's Tips) So come back!


Janay said...

I am totally impressed! I was kicking myself for picking stripes for A & D's reversible outfits. But plaid... eep! Nice job!
" least not where we shop." HA! I hear ya! :)

BConky said...

It turned out wonderfully Cole. Plaids look great. Good matching.

jellaan said...

So cute!! Great job matching the plaids!!