Friday, April 2, 2010

Last minute Easter sewing

How cute is this!? It was designed to be a purse and softie, but my intention was to make a bunch of them and then make them into a wreath- we'll see if that actually gets done. ha!
I think I need to get this file, too, and then alternate them on the wreath.

Another reason I love testing designs: It helps me decide what holiday design to use on my hand towels.

I have the hardest time deciding which adorable applique to use, so when I have to test one- I just use it. Viola! They're done and no thinking or deciding on my part. I love it and I love this little towel.

And... I made all of these little 'hair pretties' for the kids, but forgot to mail them out... oopsie. Guess they'll go in the box for next year.

Come back tomorrow for a VERY FUN Easter idea!


BConky said...

Love the bunny towel. Where did you find that color?

Julia said...

All cute, cute, cute!