Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pop's Greasy Spoon

I'm not even sure what Pop's Greasy Spoon is....???
But both my Dad and my GrandDaddy have signs that say that, so it seemed like the perfect phrase to adorn this apron I got at Hobby Lobby the other day for a little over a dollar.

William loves his apron that I made him for 50's day last year and he always wants one to wear at Grandma and Pops house. So, I made this one to keep at their house for all the Grandkids to use. More in the works, too.

The fries and ketchup are from Lynnie Pinnie
The hot dog is from Embroidery Boutique
The font is called Jamin from 8 claws and a paw

Kinda makes you want a hot dog, doesn't it?


jellaan said...

Looks like William loves his new apron!!

ShirleyC said...

Too cute, and so is he.

Terri Bowden said...

Haha William is hilarious posing with his apple! That apron is adorable. I STILL need to make an apron (have I been saying that for 3 or 4 months now?) That is exactly why I am taking a break!!!t

BConky said...

It's adorable. I think Pop's Greasy Spoon means some one else is cooking the food. And Pop's is eating it. William is to cute.

Jess said...

hehe! loove the appliques-perfect for BBQing!