Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some Spring Break Photos... a bit late

Spring Break just isn't Spring Break without:

Checking the cows:

Petting Ginger:


Some dressing up... or rather.... always wearing dress up clothes:

Some partying and cake:

Some teasing:

Some kissin:

Some snuggling:

Fishing with Daddy and Grump:

Reeling one in, snapping a photo, and having a fish fry in your honor:

Gathering rocks in the pasture:

and then sorting them out into a glorious collection:

Loading up on cake and candy and ice cream at Nannie and GrandDad's:

Singing with Buckley:

Rockin' hand me down 'little black dresses' from Megan and Judy:


BConky said...

Love all the pictures

Julia said...

Such wonderful family pictures and Memories to Keep!