Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's Tips!

Man! That outfit I posted yesterday is too small. Dang it.

So.... today's tip I was going to share is going to have to wait as I had to run out to the store and get some more fabric. Ugh. And I forgot to take pictures.

So... today's tip has to do with ease.

Make sure you work this into your garment!!!
Apparently, you need 3.5 inches of ease in the crotch area- so add that to the measurement vs. what I added which was 1.5 inches.

Source: My Mom... this info would have come in handier before I finished the garment, though Mom. :)

On another note: Anyone need an Elmo jon jon for a size 24 months boy???

I have an extra. :(


BConky said...

What happen to the buck stops here. I might have told you before if you had asked ding dong.

Terri Bowden said...

Ohhhhh no, that's awful. That happened the other day to a dress I did...so so SO aggravating! It's completely adorable though! Put it in your shop I bet it'll sell really quick!

鳳珠鳳珠 said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................

gabby said...

the outfit is adorable..I feel your pain with it being too small..I wish I had a little one that I could give that too..Im sure it will go quickly it is fabulous!

Peachy said...

That's a cute, cute jon-jon. I hate to make something that is too small. I did it a few weeks ago. It's a bummer.

Julia said...

Could you attach an extension on the front and back of the crotch? I bet you could do this without it even being noticed if you match the plaids as closely as you did in the original jon jon!!! This is too adorable for him not to be able to wear.