Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tips!

Today: How to match up your plaids.

The new Elmo jon jon (slightly different because my mind hates to have to make the same exact thing twice)


Gather materials (pattern pieces, fabrics, crayons or colored pencils, pins, pattern weights, good music or favorite t.v. show)

Start by folding your fabrics very carefully, on the grain, and making the plaids match on the folded side and the ends. This can be difficult, especially if you're working with a seersucker (like this one) Keep working at it. It's important.

Lay pattern piece down making sure that the grain line is lined up perfectly with one of the lines of plaid. Remember this is your front piece, so line it up where you want the plaids going on the garment. In this case, I wanted the blue line to be dominant.

Have someone check it for you.

Chose an area where you have to match the plaids (this is the side seam) and start coloring in the lines of plaid with your colors. I do it right by the notch- so it's easy to match up with the other pattern piece.

Close up of my coloring.

Take the other piece (in this case, the back) and lay it on top of the piece you just colored and mark the plaids. You will be able to see them thru your pattern. Make sure your notches match up.

Here it is laying on top of the other piece. See how you can see thru.

Now color the same lines on your other piece.

Now take them apart and lay out your back piece on your fabric matching the plaid.

You will, most likely, have to waste more fabric. This is why they don't usually match up at cheap stores. Trust me, though, it's worth the few inches you will scrap to make it look nice.

Now, when you sew them together- take note to pin along making sure that they are still matching and ta-da! Matched seams.

I got confirmation this morning that the new Elmo jon jon fits! Woooo Hoooo! and I sold the other one, too. Hooray!

I got crazy and buzzed William's hair and cut Lucy's, too. Am I a hair dresser? No way. Stay tuned for those pictures tomorrow.


Macy said...

First thought that popped into my head (excuse the language!) "damn she's good!" Looks great!

BConky said...

You can match the vertical pattern also if you really want to be anal.

BConky said...

I like the picture of Pookie.

Julia said...

Very good job on matching the plaid!!! This is adorable!

Sherry said...

I cannot find a great jon jon pattern like the one you're showing. I even saw you had "Simplicity 8989" on it, but that comes up as a pj pattern. Any other ideas where I can find one?