Saturday, April 17, 2010

William is in love... and a new project for me!

Well.... it's finally happened.
I found a love letter in William's backpack yesterday.

I pulled it out and it had hearts all over it.

Me: What is this W?
W:.... um.... it's for you. I flip it over and see this:

Me: But son, it says Ms. Tilton (his principal)... is it for her?
W: (very clearly embarrassed) um... no... it's for you
Me: But it says Ms. Tilton
W: No it doesn't.
Me: okay, do you want to give it to her anyway?
W: my teacher won't let me... sad face....
Me: okay, honey, I'll give it to her
W: (happy face)

His first love letter.... sigh.... so cute. At 6.

and here's what I did last night to take my mind off other things.

I'm so excited about this! I'm making my first quilt.
well... I've made a couple of other quilts and I love them. But they were VERY basic and quilted VERY bad and pretty much not great.
I hope this one is GREAT. I am making it for Sophie and had so much fun picking out all of the fabrics. The great Japanese import is from my Mom. It's one of my favorite fabrics of all times.
Why don't you guys do this sew a long with me? I've never done one, but I think it will be really fun! I can't wait.

Here's the blog I'm following for it. Look around, she has some cool projects on there.


Julia said...

Awwww.... She will be so happy to get that letter. I wonder why his teacher wouldn't let him give it to her?

BConky said...

William Grandma wouldn't tell everyone.