Monday, May 31, 2010

Sew Beautiful Bikinis

It's rare that a project comes along that makes me stop whatever I'm doing, throw everything else to the wayside and start a new project.
I typically have a running list of stuff to make and make it in that order.
This threw that philosophy out the window!

When I saw this adorable bikini on sewforum... I just HAD to make some! I was so, so excited when Sara offered to send me the pattern. I got it in the mail Saturday afternoon, quickly ran to Hancock's to get some seersucker (which was 40% off- wooo hoooo) and washed it immediately. Yesterday morning I cut them both out, embroidered them, and by 8:00 they were both completely finished.

I am SOOOO thrilled with them. Definitely one of my favorite things of all times!

I love the look of them with the monograms, but you know me. I just couldn't do it.
So, I let the girls pick anything they wanted from my embroidery files. Ella chose this adorable turtle from Lynnie Pinnie. She's been dying for it on something ever since I made this and this towel.

Lucy chose this (Designs by Juju) little sleeping cat that looks like her kitty, Sarafina. I tried to talk her out of it, originally, but now I love it.

I love the back.... oh. So cute.

and some modeling shots. They were both feeling the bikinis.

and in action after the modeling shoot...

and William.... who wants some swim shorts, now....

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

80's madness

Okay... so I was born in 1979, so I guess I was a child of the 80's- but not really one that remembers or cared about the fashions. I had a brief love affair with neons, slouch socks, and NKOTB in Elementary School that I can recall, but that's about it.

Now... the toys... that's an entirely different thing. I can talk all day about Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite (we're actually watching it right now), Carebears, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Popples.

If only William was a girl....

but he's not, so this is what we came up with for his 80's dance.
Pretty funny, since, my Mom had Mtv scrambled from our house until we were about 20.

Just the same, I think William looks adorable!

When he went up to school, one of the little boys asked him why he was wearing a pink hat and William proudly stated, "That's what they did in the 80's, dude!"
What a cutie.

Here he is with his principal.

with his Dad (lover of all things 80's) He actually had a pair of tight, long, white jean shorts still in his dresser when we met in 1999. Those, along with some other choice wardrobe items quickly made it to the Goodwill.

and with me.

Those glasses crack me up. I remember my Dad buying those up for $1 a piece in the late 90's when no one wore them anymore. He had them in every color. We always made fun of him. :)

Again, I have to thank my talented little sister, Megan, for making the MTV applique for me the night before. Thanks Megan!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Spirit Week!

So.... William had FUN week this week and, of course, had to have something special to wear everyday. I LIVE for stuff like this! I just love spirit days!
It is much harder to do a boy, though... I can't wait for Boo's and Lulu to do spirit days!

Day 1: Art day

This was easy and fun. I took some cheap aprons I got on Clearance at Hobby Lobby and cut off the bottom of one of them, this will form a pocket. Then I made some bias tape to go along the edge of the pocket.

I used these adorable designs from Lynnie Pinnie and this add on pocket from SWAK- Viola!~
Art apron.

I probably shouldn't have been making this (in the middle of)the night before, as you can see, my pocket is crooked. Oh well....
He loved it!!!

Day 2: Game Show Day

I have to say... this one stumped me. I couldn't see dressing him in a suit and tie like a game show host, so we went with a simple 'The Price is Right' style name tag.
It took some serious convincing for him to be satisfied with this... but it finally worked. When I suggested wearing a jersey... you know... games... he just stared at me blankly and said,
"But everyone wants to see what I'm gonna wear tomorrow"....
What have I done?

Day 3: Bubbles!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Lyndsey for supplying me with this adorable bubbles applique. It could NOT have been more perfect! And I have to say, was William's favorite of all. I made each of his things at night after he went to bed and had them as a surprise in the morning. This was, by far, the favorite!
You can get this cute applique here.

Look at those little freckles! :) He's so cute. And sweet.

Day 4: Picnic Day!

And Lynnie Pinnie comes to the rescue again with this FREE watermelon slice, which is perfect for William because he is a watermelon FREAK (just like his Daddy) Paired with this cute little ant from Planet Applique, made the perfect picnic shirt. (This one is my fave)

and then last night, he had an 80's dance...

but you'll have to wait until tomorrow... because in the process of looking for some polly pocket clothes under the couch I found my long lost book that I've been searching for.
It's reading time for me. Wooooo hooooooo!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss Independent needs an Independence dress

Yes. She is. Miss Sophie is already rolling over, sitting in a bumbo chair and sleeping thru the night.

ughhhh.... she's growing so fast and I'm not there to see it! Sometimes it bums me out so bad, that I just have to cut out and make something for her right away.
That's what happened yesterday.

So... after browsing many patterns and pattern books, I went to my trusty lil blue boo recycled halter dress pattern. I think I should be getting kick backs for all the advertising I do for this. hahahahahhahahahha It's just too great. It's so easy, so quick and so cute. Win. Win. Win.

What do you think? I LOVE it!

The applique is one of those awesome ruched designs from Embroitique. I think this one is my favorite I've done so far! It's just so cute and I especially love it in the knit fabrics!

and of course, she had to have a matching bow!

I think I've decided my favorite straps are the stationary ones.

I usually leave the straps free for my Mom to fit and tack down for me, but I just couldn't wait to see it finished. I hope it fits my little Sophie.

I can't wait to see her modeling it!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty cool thing I've been dying to try!

I saw this case or one like it on sewforum a while ago and thought.... man! Lucy would love that. So... after we got our income tax return I splurged and got it.

Lucy loves her Polly Pockets... and those stupid plastic Disney Princess Dolls, that I won't buy her- but all her loving Aunts do.

I hate that their heads and hair come off, William likes to chew the plastic clothes, Lucy cries when they break, I have to change those stupid plastic clothing items every 5 seconds.... ugh... not to mention that they are never all in one place... a mermaid tail in the bathroom sink, Cinderella's pink top in my bed, Sleeping Beauty's hair in the kitchen floor.... ugh. Anyways, she LOVES them.

So I bought this in the hoop project from Moose B Stitchin along with a couple of other files (but this is the only one I've made so far)

It's pretty cool I must say. The most intense ith project I've ever done, but so worth it.

I could barely get her to smile at me for the photos, because she was sooo busy putting the babies to sleep and getting the clothes organized in the little pouch. I have to be honest- I think the pouch is crap. I plan on making her a better one soon.

Isn't she sassy!

I love that it has a strap- like a little purse.

And the little tab with a velcro closure.

This was made all in the 5X7 hoop. You sew each side and then they are stitched down the middle.

In action. There was serious, intense playing going on here. No time to smile for photos.

But now there is.

Ella wants one now, too. Shocker.