Monday, May 24, 2010

The bowling outfits

So... remember I told you I was going to make 3 bowling outfits in one day?

Well... Ella came down with pink eye, so her and I had to miss the bowling night... :(
and stay home.

At least I only had to make 2 bowling outfits. whew! I never would have gotten three made. Although, Ella's is completely cut out.

Lulu's was completely frustrating for me. I used this new pattern my Mom got me off etsy.
My first problem was not reading the directions- UGH! You were supposed to gather the skirt with some clear elastic and then attach that to the bodice. Weird, but I didn't have any clear elastic, so I used regular. NOT STRETCHY ENOUGH. Lucy was too skinny and the back stuck out about 5 inches. UGH!!! I worked and worked to try to get it to be wear-a-ble. I tried putting a casing in the back and putting elastic thru it and a couple of other things with no help- so in the end I just cut the whole back off and made her wear it as a shirt that was incredibly too long... but HEY I was running out of time. It's a shame, too, because it was so cute as a dress, except for being WAY too big and now I don't think I'll ever put this on her again. I think I will try this pattern another time and use the correct stuff and see if it works....???

See how big it was!

For William's I used the Carla C Bowling shirt pattern and this embroidery file from Embroidery Boutique.
Can I just tell you... this pattern is a little weird. Nothing like what I expected. You sew the fronts to the back and then lay it on another piece of fabric- your lining- and cut it out with no seams in the lining and then sew them together at the bottom to create and encased hem and then continue sewing with the entire shirt and also the sleeves are lined... ??? Who entirely lines a shirt for a child??? weird. That's a little more work than I want to do for a costume and not to mention a pretty big waste of fabric. Oh well- it did come out nice.

and the backs:

Anyways... it came out really cute. William loves it and apparently was the hit of the party. I'm not sure if all around I would call these outfits a success, but they did the trick.

Here are the crazies having fun.

and here's Ella... we had a picnic with Zaxby's, watched a movie together, and had a bath. Not as fun as the bowling alley for me... but Ella didn't mind one bit.

oh... if you're wondering where I got that bowling fabric... sorry. I can't remember. I think, Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.


Just Jo said...

Adorable! Oh, I was looking forward to YOUR outfit when you mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. One-on-one time is SO worth missing bowling....Been there!

ShirleyC said...

Those pics are so adorable! Your kids are like my grands. They get their pictures made so much they have to put on a show.
The outfits are also very cute. I was wondering about the clear elastic. I don't remember seeing any. Should that be used in swimwear? I'm about to make a swimsuit for Shelby. It would only be used in the bottoms.

Carla Hegeman Crim said...

I guess I'm just a weird kinda girl, but I think the lining makes it hang nice, saves hemming time, and allows the placket to go on last (saving potential buttonhole boo-boos). Glad you like how it turned out at least.

BConky said...


BConky said...

Time to clean the carpet!