Friday, May 21, 2010

Career Day!

So... today is career day and I could NOT have been prouder walking William into school today (even if he was tardy :/)

I love watching him get all puffed up and proud and smiley. I can just see him waiting for the compliments. He feels so handsome and cool and loved. It just makes me so happy.

...and then I see the little kids that have no career outfits and I can't help but feel sad. I know that they will look at William and think how unfair it is. I remember feeling that way about kids who had name brand clothes, but I never went without costumes. Even though we didn't have much money, Mom always found a way to make costumes for us. That was something she excelled at. Even when I was in high school, Mom would make all my spirit day outfits for cheerleading. I loved them and I'm so happy I can do that for William.

This one was especially fun because he chose to be a cop! Wooo Hooo! He usually says he wants to be a fisherman when he grows up. This was much funner to make.

My Grandaddy was a Kentucky State Trooper, so I decided to make William a replica of his old uniform. Here's my Grandaddy. (The absolutely CUTEST man I've ever known)

Isn't he handsome!? And that's my Dad in front of him. Cute.

My little sister is the best! Look at these amazing replicas of the patches she digitized for me. It's actually a little scary about how easy we made a replica of this uniform. Someone was impersonating a police officer in our town not too long ago.... scary.

Here's what the real one looks like:

And here's the one's Megan made me:

Here's the picture I was copying off the KY state Trooper website:

And here's my little man, loving the utility belt I got him from the party store.

and some close ups of the pants and the pockets. I used grossgrain ribbon down the side of the shorts and made the pockets completely without a pattern. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.

So, that's why no blogging yesterday. I spent hours and hours on this career day costume. But I'm glad. You guys should have seen how happy he was. sigh.... that's why I LOVE sewing.

Except now I have to take the day off to clean the bathrooms... ew.


Just Jo said...

As always, you amaze me! He is SO handsome! Amazing job-worth all your efforts!

ShirleyC said...

That is great! I can tell how proud he is. You did an amazing job.
I used to teach, and yes, it is sad when kids' parents don't help them with these kinds of things. Also as a parent, I have to say when my own son was in school, he was the world's worst about forgetting to tell us until the night before if he had a project to do. I could have wrung his neck because had I known most of the time, he would have gotten a much better grade. Just a part of raising kids! LOL

Ellie Inspired said...

That is amazing Nicole!! What a great outfit. My boys would love something like that. What material did you use for the shirt and shorts?

BConky said...

I think William is about the cutest little trooper ever. Grandma is proud of her little KY Trooper.

jellaan said...

Awesome costume!! You are such a good MOM!!

Unknown said...

Where did you buy it