Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss Independent needs an Independence dress

Yes. She is. Miss Sophie is already rolling over, sitting in a bumbo chair and sleeping thru the night.

ughhhh.... she's growing so fast and I'm not there to see it! Sometimes it bums me out so bad, that I just have to cut out and make something for her right away.
That's what happened yesterday.

So... after browsing many patterns and pattern books, I went to my trusty lil blue boo recycled halter dress pattern. I think I should be getting kick backs for all the advertising I do for this. hahahahahhahahahha It's just too great. It's so easy, so quick and so cute. Win. Win. Win.

What do you think? I LOVE it!

The applique is one of those awesome ruched designs from Embroitique. I think this one is my favorite I've done so far! It's just so cute and I especially love it in the knit fabrics!

and of course, she had to have a matching bow!

I think I've decided my favorite straps are the stationary ones.

I usually leave the straps free for my Mom to fit and tack down for me, but I just couldn't wait to see it finished. I hope it fits my little Sophie.

I can't wait to see her modeling it!!!


Liz said...

So adorable, love it! She will be just precious!!

BConky said...

Sophie is so cute. She's growing up fast. Love the dress.

Terri Bowden said...

This dress is way cute. I like doing all the ruching with knits too, it's really the only way i can do it without screaming ha. i still need to try this pattern!!!

The Artisann said...

ok the dress is FREAKIN cute. Moses lasted about 2.5 seconds in a bumbo chair before he bumbo'ed OUT of it.

really cute stuff, cole.

Julia said...

Cutie Patootie! She'll be adorable in the red, white, and blue!