Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh No! The zeebee dress is getting too short!

I had to add another ruffle to Hailey's zeebee dress- shown here,which I made in January of 2009.

She LOVES it. She picked the fabric out herself and told me to make a dress for her.
It was getting too short, so I just added another tier to the bottom. Super Easy!

I think I may have to make one for Lulu, though. She wore it all day yesterday.
And had a surprisingly successful and pleasant photo shoot, which is rare these days, so I can't help but post all these photos of her.

and Lucy over a year ago, modeling the original during her, ironically, better modeling days.

Man... she's so cute.

This pattern is New Look 6502- a SERIOUS favorite of mine. I've made four of them so far and I love them all!
Fabric is from Mom's sewing room and the zebra is from Hobby Lobby.


Just Jo said...

Nicole-she IS so cute! Adorable dress! Hold her tight.... Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you!

BConky said...

That makes me miss Lucy. Come to Texas little Lucy and you can bring your Mom too.

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................