Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty cool thing I've been dying to try!

I saw this case or one like it on sewforum a while ago and thought.... man! Lucy would love that. So... after we got our income tax return I splurged and got it.

Lucy loves her Polly Pockets... and those stupid plastic Disney Princess Dolls, that I won't buy her- but all her loving Aunts do.

I hate that their heads and hair come off, William likes to chew the plastic clothes, Lucy cries when they break, I have to change those stupid plastic clothing items every 5 seconds.... ugh... not to mention that they are never all in one place... a mermaid tail in the bathroom sink, Cinderella's pink top in my bed, Sleeping Beauty's hair in the kitchen floor.... ugh. Anyways, she LOVES them.

So I bought this in the hoop project from Moose B Stitchin along with a couple of other files (but this is the only one I've made so far)

It's pretty cool I must say. The most intense ith project I've ever done, but so worth it.

I could barely get her to smile at me for the photos, because she was sooo busy putting the babies to sleep and getting the clothes organized in the little pouch. I have to be honest- I think the pouch is crap. I plan on making her a better one soon.

Isn't she sassy!

I love that it has a strap- like a little purse.

And the little tab with a velcro closure.

This was made all in the 5X7 hoop. You sew each side and then they are stitched down the middle.

In action. There was serious, intense playing going on here. No time to smile for photos.

But now there is.

Ella wants one now, too. Shocker.


Amy said...

I was looking at this ITH project this morning. I was thinking it would be perfect for Rachael to take over to her friends homes.

What do you not like about the pouch?

LOL about finding Polly Pocket stuff everywhere. Sounds like what goes on at my house.

Ellie Inspired said...

I have those Disney dolls at my house too and I find myself saying (a LOT) "Okay, this is the last time, I'm going to change her dress though..."

Great project and it looks like she really loves it!

Liz said...

That is too cute and a genius way to store all those millions of tiny babies floating around. We have tons of them!

BConky said...

That's a great idea. Make poor Ella one, I'm sure she's suffering majorly.

ShirleyC said...

I made Shelby a little purse with a zipper and a strap, and I put some pockets on the outside to put the dolls in. She can zip up the clothes and stuff on the inside. That doesn't mean they stay there! LOL

Anonymous said...


The Artisann said...

ummmmmmm i would have needed like 100 of these barbie carriers when i was little. and carriers for trolls and beanie babies.

*sigh* my addictions were pretty embarrassing.