Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sophie's excited!

She loves her Raggedy Ann set and she heard that I'm sewing exclusively for her today- new hand towels for her bathroom, a new minkie blanket, working on her quilt..... What else can I make for Sophie today?

If her Momma keeps sending me these adorable pictures and more videos... the list is endless.

Isn't she the cutest little fat thing!

I've had some questions about the Raggedy Ann applique, also, and I can't remember who I purchased it from. I went and looked at the two sites I thought it would be and neither one has listings. I'm sorry guys.


BConky said...

Don't call Sophie names.

BConky said...

It's from stitch on time- england.

jellaan said...

So cute!! Aren't babies fun to sew for!!

Just Jo said...

Oh, she is precious! What a lucky little girl to have YOU as her aunt!

Liz said...

Sophie wants to know if you sew her some burgers and milkshakes, she's starving ;)