Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sophie's mad!

I won't be sewing for her today.
Sorry Soph.

It's bowling inspired today. We're having the annual bowling party for Jerry's work tonight and I always wait until the last minute to decide to make something incredible for the kids to wear. I don't know why I do that.....

but upon researching bowling fashion this morning I threw out my original idea (which was very simple) for these look a likes:

William chose the flames... that would NOT have been my choice, but eh. whatever.
He's adorable in anything. The Rachel Berry one is for me. :)

I just bought this pattern and will convert it to a dress for Boo's. Lucy wants a skirt and a shirt. Wooo Hooo! Simple. I think I'll do that one first.

Wish me luck.
Last year I had to go with wet hair and barely had time to shower... I hope I do better this time.


Hannah Stevenson said...

OH MAN this is hilarious! Hope it all worked out and you had a fabulous time...sound like fun.