Thursday, May 6, 2010

Throwback Thursday

Here are some things I made that I forgot to take pictures of.
Whoopsie! I do that sometimes when I whipping things out like a mad seamstress.

First, Hailey's un-birthday dress. She needed something special to wear for her sister's 1st birthday, so I made this the morning before the birthday party.

I used this lil blue boo pattern with some obvious changes and this cupcake from Designs by Juju- my absolute favorite cupcake file of ALL TIMES! The pink knit is from Hobby Lobby and the zebra is from Mom's sewing room... no, that's not a store. It's really my Mom's sewing room. ha.

Isn't she adorable in those heels!
Sorry these are so tiny!

Here's Jacob in his cookie hoodie!

and finally- the Belle dress I made Emma for Christmas. I'm still waiting for a picture of Hailey's Cinderella and I've never made Ella's.... ooops. Here is Lucy's.

Now, I have to go to the grocery... ugh.... and pick up some more spray adhesive at Hobby Lobby!