Saturday, June 5, 2010

1904 Inspiration dress

So... I don't know if you guys ever clicked on my little button over there that says 'Sew through the decades'.... but I've decided to participate in it.

It's super fun and I think all of you should do it with me!
Not that I ever need help adding to the to-do list that is a mile long, but I love doing things and sewing things that I normally wouldn't.

It's one decade a week. Click here for the schedule- it's on the right.
This week (and today is the last day) is 1900-1909. Boo's and I had SO much fun looking thru all the great pictures and videos. Christie has done so much research for each decade making it nearly impossible not to find something that suits you.

I really wanted to make something like this swimsuit... it drew me in first...

but couldn't find an affordable sailor pattern anywhere.
If you have one, you'd like to sell me, please email me.

Ella immediately fell in love with this one and I did, too. Isn't it lovely?! I so wish I had some yellow fabric, like the sketch, but I didn't and refused to buy more. I'm on a mission to use what I have.

So, we reversed the colors and made the gown pink and the flowers yellow. Ella is REALLY into those flowers on gowns. She is so cute! :)

We also made a little headpiece to match- we kind of skipped ahead in the photos and Ella wanted one like this (from 1910-1919) eh. oh well.

I guess if I don't get one made in time next week- we're covered.

Okay... so here it is. Ella wanted the styling to be exactly the same and was VERY disappointed when she couldn't find her gloves and to the dismay of having short hair that won't go up into a coiffure. At least we found some jewelry to suit her.

In our modeling shoots, these days, I get a combination of dancing, pretending, and mime. I guess it works.

Except in these... she grabs the tree.
I say, "yeah, that's cute"

she says, "It's like I'm holding my boyfriend"

...I keep shooting...

WAIT! It registers... but before I can say anything....
"Oh, Mommy- I think there's a nest up there!!"

Yes. That is more like it- baby birds- and she's right! Look in our tree:

Happy weekend everyone!

Here's the link for next weeks challenge: 1910-1919.


BConky said...

So very cute. Love it.

Julia said...

How pretty your little one is. My grands would love to have a gown like that!

Christie said...

How adorable! I love it! It's so pretty! You did a wonderful job. Thank you for participating in the challenge!

Amy said...

How fabulous! And your little girl really does get into the modeling - makes me smile.

Terri Bowden said...

Bahahahah her boyfriend! Oh man, watch out! That's hilarious though...goodness. Love the dress. It is precious. I'm finally going to get some sewing done today! Wooo!