Thursday, June 24, 2010

An apron for an angel

I was asked to help out with some gifts for this sweet little girl who is battling childhood leukemia. She is just four years old- the same as my Boo's. My Uncle Mack passed away from leukemia when I was a young girl, so this is especially close to my heart.

She is (like most 4 year old girls) into princesses and dress up and cooking. So I made her a princess apron with a pot holder and mitt and some yummy felt cookies.
I just LOVE this fabric from Hobby Lobby!

sorry about the crappy photos.... I think my camera is dying.

I didn't use a pattern (I hardly do for my aprons... though I think I'm going to have to draft one soon)

I used this applique for the crown and this font for her name.

I love the little apron on the front. I think it's my favorite part. I used this carriage from Planet Applique and put the little face inside the heart. gasp. So cute!

I made the pot holder and mitt from this file that gets lots of use at my house.

And I made the cookies from this file, which is super cool, because all the sewing is done in the hoop. It sews partially around, you stuff it in the hoop, and then it sews the opening shut. How cool is that!!!

I'm going to be doing some more sewing for charity as well in the next couple weeks. Want to help out?
Check it out here:

Happy Thursday everyone!


Amy said...

Fabulous! Love the fabric and just everything about this apron set!

ShirleyC said...

That is adorable! As popular as aprons are these days, you really should draft that pattern.
I'm going to make some slips for the TLC ministries of Appalachia. There are some really needy families up there. I thought it was strange for her to ask for slips as our kids around here hardly even wear dresses, and very few wear a slip.

BConky said...

Adorable, one of the cutest sets you've ever made. I'm sure her Christmas in July will be very exciting.