Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Almost... I read all of the books and watched the first movie. The second movie is coming tonight and the third comes out on my anniversary. I'm hoping to talk Mr. Cole into seeing it, but I know he really wants to see this one.
He thinks the looks like Tom Cruise... so he has a little man crush on him. ha.

Anyways... so today, I'll be getting back to sewing... and it's a good thing. I have soooo many things that I've commited to do and haven't done yet.

For today, though, I want to show you this cute little dress that I tested a while back.
The pattern is from Nanoo Designs and this one is called the McKensie dress.
It's goes together really quickly and uses such a small amount of fabric. As soon as I saw the design, I knew I wanted to do something "racecar'. I actually used this checked fabric that was cut out to make a purse several years ago. Score!

I really like the buttons I used, too. They're from Hancocks.

Ella really likes the pockets.

I mean, she REALLY likes the pockets. I was afraid she was going to rip them out.

She said I was silly.

But I think we both are.

William said, "It doesn't look like a racecar dress.... it looks like a ROCKSTAR dress."... and ran inside to get Boo's electric guitar.

... I think he's right. And Ella is so much a RockStar in her mind.

Although, no electric guitars were harmed during this photo shoot, I regret to admit that this adorable guitar has since bit the dust. It will be missed. :(

Back to the machine..... It's gonna be in the 100's today- ugh!


ShirleyC said...

That is really cute. I will have to get that pattern for next year. Ella is a hoot!

Julia said...

Adorable little rock star! I thought of the sixties when I saw the pictures. I am getting that pattern.

BConky said...

Did you get sick of listening to it and wrap it around a tree. ha ha