Thursday, June 17, 2010

Benefit wrap up

so.... this time last week I was finishing up all the stuff to send the the benefit- (which turned out to be a big success) My little sister happily reported back that my stuff brought in a good amount of money for Alana. wooo hooo!

Here's some photos of the stuff I sent:

A crayon tote done in their highschool colors and mascot:
I didn't use a pattern and the pawprint is free from Planet Applique.

and for the back I just used this in the hoop pocket from SWAK. I love that thing!!!

I don't know why that pocket looks wonky in the photo... it really wasn't.

A sweet apron set I made as a sample and forgot about:
Boo's was sad to see it go...even though she had forgotten about it, too.

More info on this apron here.

Three baby sets: each including one binky bib and one burp cloth (both my own patterns) and one toy.

One cowboy one. I love this fabric! The horse applique is from Planet Applique and the horse toy is from Sewing for Sarah.

A teddy bear one. Both the applique and the toy are from Sewing for Sarah. I love those little beanie toys!

a monkey one. So cute. The applique and the toy are from Sewing for Sarah.

A receiving blanket set and toy from sewing for sarah.

Some summertime finger puppet sets from sewing for sarah.

Lots of hooded towels.

I sent everything from my etsy store and made up a couple more of fabric lined ones, since Robert was a huge TEXAS fan.

Some RTW shirts and bows in school colors- 44 was Robert's jersey number.

Free pawprint, football heart, football helmet, and Go team appliques.

and of course, the matching aprons shown here.

And here's one photo from the silent auction. She that lady on the left... she's holding my apron.... smile.

She was showing my sister all the cute baby stuff (when she saw Sophie) and telling her she should get some and Megan just laughed and said, "yeah.... my sister donated all that."

I will be showing off some of the fabulous items you guys sent for the benefit, too. Thank you so, so, so much to everyone who gave. If you haven't emailed me your pictures, yet, please get them to me show I can show them off!

I've been taking a break from the machine for the past couple days... I'm reading the Twilight series finally (not on Kindle :( ....)
but good just the same. I devoured the first book yesterday and I'm #2, now.


jellaan said...

Wow, you were really busy making stuff for the auction!! I can't believe all the stuff you sent!! I see my stuff in the picture too. :-) I'll get you pictures soon.

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Your stuff is all so stinkin' adorable and I have to say I am partial to the TX towels. We are UT alumni here. :-)

Thanks for showing us your generous donations!

Sheila said...

Sooooo awesome! You do amazing work!!

BConky said...

I'm so glad it was such a success. Texas is calling you home.