Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book wallet

I guess that what I'll call it......

Jerry's aunt (we pronounce Aint) called the other day and requested a zipper pouch that she could attatch to her Bible to hold change, keys, cell phone... etc.

What a brilliant idea!
It was so fun to make, too. We both love polka dots and hot pink!

I used Pickle Pie's Boutique Zipper Pouches to make the case and then just kind of winged the rest. I thought the D rings would be awesome, so she could adjust the size to fit any book or Bible.

But.... whoopsie. I forgot to put two D rings. So... on to Plan B. I just added some velcro to the straps, so that she can velcro it in place. Whew. Good save.
And... I actually like that better, because there won't be any straps hanging down.

I love the inside, too. I lined it with some gorgeous hot pink satin.

Here it is laying out. Easy peasy! I love these little pouches.

Oh! And these are on sale today, too. 40% off.


BConky said...

Great idea. Cute lining. Can't wait for you all to get here.

Amy said...

This is an awesome idea!