Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boo's needs a new Princess wardrobe

All her dress up dresses are getting too small, too short (to be considered gowns), or too worn out. She wears them 24/7. I mean it... if she's not naked, she's in a gown or something out of the box labeled 'Sophie' that is about 3 sizes too small.

So... I've been feeling pretty guilty about not making her any new ones. All the girls got a new gown for Christmas, except Boo's. Not FAIR!!!

Saturday morning I decided it was the day. We sat down together and did some sketches. Ella's are much more... wimsical... than mine. I envision dresses that I would like wear; elegant and chic and timeless. She wants crazy color combinations, decorations, and lot's of puffs; puffs on the sleeves, puffs on the gown, puffs everywhere. I couldn't stop thinking about Anne of Green Gables the whole time she was describing her gown. Have you guys read those books? If you haven't... you should go out and get all of them and gobble them up. They're so good. Or at least get the movies to watch. You'll thank me later.

Well anyways...we went with her idea. I was a little bummed, because I had a really specific vision for a dress when I purchased the fabric. It was going to be a square neckline with straps and am empire waistline with a very full gored skirt and a very large sash out of the coral. Oh well......

She loves this new gown that 'she drew herself'.
I remember loving that when I was younger. That's the joy of having someone sew for you, right?

What do you guys think of it?

Here she is pretending. I think she's talking to her subjects or something.

Being dramatic... as always.

Accepting compliments- graciously.

Dancing with Prince Charming.

and suddenly she turns into a ballerina...???

Okay... so the coral satin is from Hobby Lobby- my absolute favorite place to buy satins. They are affordable, beautiful, wash well, and amazingly good quality for the price. The floral is from Hancock Fabrics, but I used the wrong side of the fabric for the front. The 'right' side was much brighter and bolder. My Mom taught me the trick of using the wrong side a long time ago. I do it a lot.

The flowers on the bodice were a genius idea of my Mom's. I simply made these flowers from ggdesigns and then stitched them on with a button. Ella LOVES them!
and they were so easy and fun to do.

To make the puffs on the peplum overskirt- I just used a bit of elastic to rouche it up a bit, then added bows, bows, bows. She requested more bows (but thankfully) I ran out of yellow ribbon. I drew the line at adding other color ribbons.

You may have noticed in this post that Ella's hair is considerably shorter.
Yes. She got some gum in her hair and I had to chop it off. She was devastated at first. She didn't cry. She just sadly said, "I don't want to talk about it."

But, as you can see, she is over it now and likes it. I like it, too, except that she looks more grown up to me. :( I thought the pigtails would make her look younger. :)

Sorry... no Tuesday's Tips today. It feels like a Monday.


BConky said...

I love it. I think Boo's is a genius designer. Her hair looks cute. I think she needs at least 6 more gowns.

Terri Bowden said...

So precious! I love her hair, I can't believe you ar ebrave enough to cut it yourself. It would be a complete disaster if I tried that! I would really love to try and get together sometime this summer when you guys are down!!

jellaan said...

So cute, the gown and Ella!! She did a wonderful job sketching the dress!! :-) Love the hair!!

Liz said...

That dress is fabulous! I love it! You rock, lucky girls to have you as a mom!

Liz said...

That dress is fabulous! I love it! You rock, lucky girls to have you as a mom!

Shannon said...

You and Ella make a great team!! The dress is beautiful and Ellas hair adoable!! Just in case the gum thing ever happens again, peanut butter or olive oil work wonders! Just let it sit in the hair at least 30 minutes before combing it out. Don't ask me how I know :)

Julia said...

A budding designer is in your family!!!! So very beautiful!!! My grands would love this one! One of my daughters designed several of her real dresses when she was young. I remember her Easter dress when she was about 9. It was a white drop waist with a bubble skirt and a big pick sash!

Just Jo said...

Love it! The coral satin fabric is beautiful and so is Ella. I am LOVING her new do!