Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear summer, I love U!

William is home all day, I get to sleep in, Mr. Cole works regular hours, the sun is shining, and we get to play in water. But before we get to that... look what I'm working on today. It's just a sneak peak... aren't those colors fabulous!!! Now for the water....balloons! What is better than a water balloon fight? Little to nothing. Especially when you pretend they are boogers! Wait. Maybe a sandbox is more fun? (See how the ruffles are hanging down, Mom???) No likey. or is it more fun to hang out in the sun with the coolest sunglasses ever and eat Brookies? or make the Brookies??? Wondering if they are good or too sweet? Take it from the girls:


Kee said...

Mmmm.. We are already out of brookies.. Might have to make some more LOL Your girls are just too cute haha.. I LOVE the swimsuits :)