Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day wrap up

So... did everyone have a GREAT father's day? We had a good one.

I made these special little Father's Day outfits out of some old knit t-shirts in the garage sale pile. Yup. These outfits cost zero dollars. ZERO!
Remember them, here... me trying to get a good photo.
Well... I smartened up and did them one at a time.

William's shirt is made from a pattern that I drafted myself. He loves shirts like that and I've been dying to make him some, but never see any patterns like that.
I'm pretty proud of what I came up with.... and will be really happy with a few more adjustments. I used this applique from Lynnie Pinnie and I just LOVE it.

I like to use all the interesting bits off the old shirts and William and I both liked the inside of this one- so we sewed it to the back of his shirt.

and I especially like the curved hem I put on the bottom. It took a while to get the hem to be neat and pretty- but I'm glad I messed with it. I think it looks more athletic.

Ella's dress ended up being Lucy's- because I made the neck too small. DANG! So Lucy's was a little longer than it was supposed to be.... but.... she thinks it's a gown.... sigh... so it works.

I used a cool t-shirt for the back of hers, too. The numbers don't represent anything, but I still like the sporty look.

Ella's is my favorite. I really like the stripes on the binding.

and I really like the back, too.

and how about this adorable bow! The little football is from Lisa at Pickle Pie designs. I just LOVE those hair pretties!

The little football heart is from Planet Applique and the Daddy's girl is from Lynnie Pinnie.

Even though, we KNOW that these kids aren't only Daddy's- especially Lucy.
But I thought I'd humor him, since it was Father's Day.

Isn't he just the cutest Dad?

Now... Stop oogling my husbands six pack.


jellaan said...

Cute outfits!!! I planned on making outfits for my two kids, but didn't have time.....maybe next year!!

Amy said...

I love Ella's dress - esp. the back!