Monday, June 14, 2010

New Sun Suit for Boo Boo's

I have pretty much decided to NEVER buy ready to wear clothes again. Which is fun, but the girls NEED swimsuits.

Aside from these ones, I've never made swimsuits.
Well.... they got those wet and sandy and gross on Saturday. So, what do they wear on Sunday?

You guessed it- nothing. My two sweet girls were running around the backyard in their panties.

"What, Moooom??? William doesn't have a shirt on???"

So... I came in and immediately started working on some new swimsuits for the girls.
It took me a lot longer than I anticipated it taking (I am usually a super fast sewer), but I did manage to finish Ella's.

I've always wondered if you could embroider swimsuit fabric... well, guess what?
You can!
This is what I did:
used some iron on tearaway
hooped some cutaway
sprayed the swimsuit top with spray adhesive
and pinned the top to the hoop
I also used a zig zag file because I was afraid of putting holes in the fabric

You can get lots of these zig zag files from Planet Applique (where I got the sun) and Lynnie Pinnie.

Please don't look at the horrible hemming job I did on the ruffle... ugh! It's so nasty!!! Mom said I should have just not hemmed it at all, but I just have a thing about that. I tried to do a rolled hem in red (which is the look I really wanted)but I still can't get my new machine to work. Damn. I need a more experienced sewing friend for a neighbor to help with stuff like this.

Thank goodness Ella is so cute, you can hardly notice the mistakes. I love the back too, because it fits her booty! Ella has a little junk in the truck so I had to add an inch to the rump and it fits nicely now. I love the little razorback and tag, too.

All around, I am happy with it even though it took a long time to make.
But I'm not happy with this tree hugging boyfriend thing that is becoming a pattern in our photo shoots.

oh... the swimsuit fabric came from Hancocks, the blue and white stripe came from Mom's sewing room, and the pattern is Kwik Sew (ha! kwik my....) 2512.

I would LOVE to make another style suit, too. Have any of you guys made swimsuits that you liked? Please share!


BConky said...

It's adorable. I'm glad you could embroider on it. Did Jerry tell you I called and said I loved the swimsuit? I see many more swimsuits in the future.

Amy said...

Well, I've never made any swimsuits but I that is probably the cutest one I've seen in a long time. I especially like that it's a one-piece - they are so hard to find.

A Plus Quilt Shop said...

I think it is adorable and I am glad to see it is a suit that covers lol. I hate seeing little girls in "adult looking" swimsuits!

ShirleyC said...

The suit is cute, and the pics are adorable.
I just finished another suit, but it is a 2 piece. I'm about to post it on my blog.
I got the material from Chez Ami and it is the tactal knit. It's very stretchy, but very easy to sew.
Is that the pattern from Kwik Sew? I bought that pattern, but I want to make a one piece when I have time to fool with it. I have a serger, but not a coverstitch machine. I did some reading, and a lot of people said they preferred just using the zig zag on their sewing machine. So I used that on the casings.

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

I really love the ruffle on this swimsuit! I'm like you- I like to put a contrast color as my hem, so that would have frustrated me too!

You asked if anyone has made swimsuits recently, and ironically, I just put a post about swimsuits and swim shirts that I made a few days ago. You can read about them here:

I've got a racerback style Kwiksew pattern that I want to try out next.

Kell said...

CUTE! I would love to make my Peachy a swimsuit, but they scare me. I can never find one long enough for her at stores either, the kid is just so darn tall.

great job, love the little ruffles too.

squeeli2 said...

I wish I had a neighbor as comfortable with patterns as you....They intmidate the heck out of my and I would not even begin to know how to alter them to suit our needs. Wish I did. It's soooo hard finding a modest, but cute swimsuit for 12 year olds.

BTW, WE <3 us some Brookies!!!

Melissa said...

Cute! I wish I could sew! If you lived here I'd pay you to teach me! Move home and teach sewing classes at the rec!

megangorman said...

ADORABLE!! seriously soooo cute! now make sophie one : )