Monday, June 14, 2010

Two posts in one day....

I just can't wait to show you guys the little swimsuit I made Lucy.
It's the same pattern as this one, but I made a 2 width with a 3 length. It's pretty snug. It may be going to Grapes or Sophie before the summer is out.

I love it, though, and so do the girls. Ella is already hounding me for one just like it.

This one has my NEW tags on it! It's says 'Made with Love by Cole's Creations'. :)

I got the fabric from Wal-Mart last summer for $1 a yard. Can you believe that????
And the applique is from Planet Applique for 99 cents and I just tacked the little gem on there.

So, all together this suit costs less than $2.00- you can't beat that!


ShirleyC said...

It's adorable, and so is she.

Ellie Inspired said...

Our Walmart doesn't carry knits. This is super cute! I've been wanting to make a swimsuit too. I better get to it - summer will be over before I get it done!

Congratulations on winning 2nd place at Lilac Lane too! I just saw it on there. That was a really cute dress.

Melissa Stramel said...

Hello Miss Nicole. Can you please e-mail me your address and I'll get your prizes directed your way? Congrats again!

megangorman said...

sophie wants one... SO cute!

HoustonCrafter said...

That came out great. I have been a little chicken to try a swim suit but you make it look good! i think that might be in the very near future. Thanks:-)