Saturday, June 26, 2010

What we're doing today... again

Do you like garage sales???
I 'kinda' like going to them.... but not really.
I don't like running them.... at all.
I'm really not sure it's worth all the work and in this case, the HEAT and the mosquitos. Stupid mosquitios!

Never the less, that's what we did yesterday and again today.
At least we made enough for the oil changes, Jerry's ticket, and our gas for the trip to Dallas. Mom and Dad will be happy not to have to help us with that! :)

Just for fun, I thought I'd share some photos of our garage sale.

Mr. Cole- the heart of the sale. He's worked so hard.

William- a serious salesman. He follows people around telling them to buy his toys... ahhahahhahhaa. It usually works. He also bags all the merchandise after it's been purchased. What a helper.

Boo's... when she's not busy calculating her profits, making friends with all the little girls, or snacking, she's in the house watching cartoons.

Lucy- the worst culprit for taking toys off the sale table back into the house.
But I think she helped sell this little swingset from William's 1st birthday.

Where am I? Dying of heat, reading my Kindle, pricing stuff, chatting with people, or sneaking into the house for some water..... okay..... and a nap.


Terri Bowden said...

We have had one garage sale, and i hope to never do it again! SO much work! I've been wanting to comment on every single post you've done the past couple of weeks, but have been insanely busy with school. That little apron set is my most favorite of all of yours yet! And their Father's Day Outfits were totally precious. I really wish I could have made some things to send for the benefit =(. I would have loved too, feel like my head is spinning right now though. Message me when you guys will be in Texas. Lets please try and see each other!!

Anonymous said...