Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yup! I slept almost 12 hours last night...

I get emails all the time asking the same thing...
How do I do it? How do I sew so much? How do I get so much done with three little kids?

It's easy, really.
Outside of the kids...Sewing is my life.

See- concrete example below: my calendar for the month of June.
See... the hardest part for most sewers is the organizing phase. You know what I mean, there's so many things you want to make... you can never decide on one. By the time you pick out your fabrics and patterns- you're tired. That never happens for me. I have a list at all times. I just go to the list and do what's next. Typically, if it's not on the list... it doesn't get done.

see what I mean, though.... no play dates, no dates with husband, no friends penciled in (although I did manage to go see Sex in the City2 last weekend with our new neighbor!, no sports teams, no church functions... just sewing, holidays, and dentists appts.
That blacked out part is a friends email address. I do keep in touch with my friends online via email and facebook.

Most people would 'yawn' over a life like this... but I love it.
I am a major home body. I love to be at home. I'm not much of a social butterfly- never was... despite some opinions (because I was a cheerleader and very friendly- sometimes I gave the wrong impression) I'm not shy, I'm not anti- social, I just like to be at home. I've always been that way.

Not to say that I only sew. I also manage to read a lot. I've already gobbled up three goodies this summer: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory (for about the millionth time- this time to the kids, who are now obsessed with finding a golden ticket... did you know they are out again???), the 3rd Percy Jackson novel (if you can call it that... it's really for teens... but I love them), and an embarrassingly good romance that I downloaded for FREE for my kindle (your right, Mom, the cowboy one was good!). I also manage to take the kids outside to play in the water, play dress-up, Mario Brothers, Barbie dolls, blocks, puzzles, and coloring. We also bake and make sure to eat all of our meals together at the table or picnicing in front of the t.v. We also ride bikes and play exercising video games together. I write almost daily in a journal and also on my other private blog, "The corner of my mind" and on top of all that... I keep up with all 4 of my siblings and my sister in laws, call my Mom about a million times a day, sometimes my Dad and also blog about my day to day life with sewing.

How??? Staying up late.
The kids go to bed... I go to the machine. Ask my husband.
It drives him nuts sometimes- although- he is very tolorant.
And... he also drives to the post office for me most of the time.

Isn't he sweet.

Whoa. so.... anyways.... staying up late.
I was soooo worried about making as much as I could for the benefit, that I've been staying up really late.

I'm happy to report that I made a bunch and got it all shipped out yesterday.
But I was TIRED last night.
I did not go to the machine. I went straight to bed... Lucy went with me... and we both slept for almost 12 hours! It was glorious. I love to sleep.

I will be adding pictures of the stuff I sent and some of the darling donations from my internet friends soon.

But today... I thought I'd show you what's in the works for today and tomorrow.
See on my calendar today- 1st quilt. That's right. I started weeks ago, but didn't finish... and today is the finishing day.

Here's how far I've gotten.

Here's the link if you want to make one.
This isn't technically my first quilt- but the last one (which I love) had NO pattern what-so-ever and is ugly as sin in terms of sewing quality. eh. I made it when I was 19, so what??? I still sleep with it. I'll show you a picture one day.

and to finish before or on Saturday the 12th, my 1910-1919 challenge dress:
Ella and I chose this photo from the archives of old Good Housekeeping magazine covers.

I immediatly fell in love with the colors... and although, I promised myself I wouldn't purchase any fabrics... I just HAD to. We just got back from Hobby Lobby this morning and the beautiful fabrics are in the wash!
Ella fell in love with the photograph. See the gentleman is giving the lady a ring... well, that's right up Boo's alley.
ha. Couldn't be more unlike me. I never wear jewelry- not even my wedding ring or beautiful engagement ring. eh? What can I say? It bugs me.

I also loved this one:

and this one: It reminds me of Christopher Robin....

Feel free to take any of these for your inspiration piece... isn't anyone doing this challenge with me??? Come on, MOM!

Now... to lunch and then my quilt.


BConky said...

Lots of words today. I'm tired just reading it. ha ha Glad you got some sleep. Hurry to Texas.

Amy said...

Ha! LOL over here 'cause no sleep is the only way I get any sewing or knitting or anything else done.

You really keep to your schedule? I usually have a line up of fabrics that I want to sew up next but it's always subject to change.

I love the pink dress - would be cutting fabric out right now if I weren't taking all of my machines in have their check-up today.

jellaan said...

You are so organized and good at sticking to your schedule. I need to do the same thing. I have a busy, busy week of sewing next week. Finishing up orders and then sewing for me and the kids for vacation! Thanks for the tips on the calendar....I don't have a calendar except for on my computer, so I'm going to print out one for the next few weeks.