Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hailey's Princess Belle Dress

So.... I took Hailey to Hobby Lobby at the beginning of August and let her choose fabrics for 2 birthday dresses.

About $50 later... we have tons of satins, sparkly fabric (that I HATE to sew on), trims, sequins, and ribbons for bows.
.... that's what I get for letting an almost 4 year old do the choosing...

It makes me HAPPY, though. I love being able to make her something that
1. she wants
2. fits
3. will be machine washable and dry-able and
4. won't fall apart with all the love she will give it.

Her first request was for a Belle gown with this ribbon- She wanted 'sfotty bows' on the dress.... I'm hoping she will forget about that. hahahahaha

Using Carla C's Simply Sweet Dress Pattern and her awesome tutorial for how to transform that pattern into Belle, I came up with this for Hailey. I must say... I love it.

So do my girls. I see more Belle dresses in the future. The near future.

I was a little leary of using this pattern. There is no zipper, no buttons, no velcro... and it's not knit.

This is the second time I've made this pattern- the first is here- but it was for a customer... so I wasn't sure how the fit was.

It boggles my mind that this dress fits, but it does. It goes together unlike anything I've ever seen, but it works and it's super easy and cute.

I am going to use this pattern again to make the Sleeping Beauty version- which is Hailey's second request.

I know I'm VERY late for her REAL birthday, but I'm hoping she'll forgive me when she see's what we've come up with. I love you Hailey!


ShirleyC said...

I can tell she loves it, and that's all that matters, late or not. I have 2 used and stained prom dresses to make some dress-up clothes for Shelby. I think I will keep them very simple. LOL I also love her poses. She cracks me up!

BConky said...

Adorable and soft for Hailey