Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I just can't be bothered to blog today....

I'm sorry, but I promised the girls a day of baking.

Ella's birthday is on Tuesday and I'm finding it hard to say no to her requests these days. After all, I like to celebrate birthday weeks... so I have to do that for them, too.

What we're making today:
a Pink and Purplicious cake.... yeah..... gross.... I won't be eating that.

It's a strawberry bunt cake with purple cream cheese, strawberry icing.

And.... what smells delicious in my kitchen....

something like this... but homemade.
I wish I could send you a link to the smell... yummy.

I have been sewing a storm as well as testing some new patterns and some new embroidery files, but ...sorry... you'll have to wait.

I'm baking with my girls!

Here they are last night when I gave them the good news.
Sneak peek of new outfits in there....

oh no... William ruined the photo shoot.

PU William.


Anonymous said...

I know that this is not the focus of your post, but I have to say that I'm jealous and in LOVE with the fabric collection behind your kids in the photos.

Macy said...

I have to agree with the comment from above- gosh I would love all of that fabric!

Ellie Inspired said...

Yeah, I would love to move in with you! Baking a purplicious cake and getting to play with all that fabric!! Sounds like a fun day to me!