Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Look 6748

Okay... I must LOVE this pattern, because this is the third time I've made it.

I really think that's the trick to finding a style that you like- for adults. You just have to keep working on the same pattern over and over until you get it right.

The first time, was not very successful... at least at first.
Check this out.... I really love my floor. ha.

There is a LOT of ease in this dress, plus I used a REALLY stretchy knit. This was almost exactly 2 years ago.

I almost chunked this dress in the trash, but everyone on sewforum encouraged me to try and fix it, so I did.

In those two years, I have worn this dress so many times that it is absolutely falling apart.

So... then I think... why don't I make some more dresses for me?
Yeah. Why don't I?

I know why we don't sew for ourselves:
. It takes more fabric- so more expense
. Hard to fit
. Time- we use all our sewing time for our kids and family

Well, I am REALLY going to try to sew more for me, because I LOVE this dress!

Especially the little bow in front, this time I used gross grain ribbon instead for a pop of color.

Here's some closer ones:

Here's the other version of the dress I made (which I really liked at the time...) but not so much anymore.

I still don't have this pattern perfect, but I WILL try again. I'm thinking a solid knit with ruffles around the facings.

See how cute the line drawing is- you could change this pattern up so much just by changing the fabrics or the sleeves. Go get this one, before it's out of print!

Here is my review on pattern review if you would like more info on the pattern and the sizing.


Sara said...

that is a great style, so figure flattering!!! It looks great on you. Love that red floral fabric too!!

BConky said...

Love the new version. You could have used that all this long hot summer. It's finally below 100 degress- yipeeeee.

Mama Lusco said...

Beautiful dresses! Adding this one to my Wish List :)

Goosegirl said...

I really like this dress. I had not seen the pattern before but I think I will try it for myself. I really like the floral knit on you.