Monday, August 23, 2010

Our First Tooth Pillow

Yes... that's spaghetti sauce on his chin... :)

I'm so thrilled. I have been dying to make a tooth pillow.

The tooth fairy came as planned, although she fell asleep first and woke up in a panic...

William was one happy little guy to find a whole dollar bill and some beautiful gold fairy dust all over his bed.

He even told me he saw her....

let's hope not. :)

We used the new release tooth from Planet Applique. What good timing and only .99.

I made the pocket really big. William was worried that the tooth would get lost if he took it out of the ziploc baggie.

What a cutie.
A cutie that's about to have big boy teeth... they grow so fast.


Just Jo said...

Cute tooth fairy pillow. Love that applique, too! Yes, they grow TOO, TOO fast!

BConky said...

Cute Cole.

sordanuts said...

I LOVE William's tooth pillow! The pocket you made is perfect -nothing will get lost in there. Would you consider doing a tutorial for the sewing challenged (like me)?