Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week Five of the Summer Vacation Tour

This week takes us to KY!

That's right. We ride home from Central TX to Dallas with 4 kids. The next morning drive home to AR. Spend the night. Then get up and drive to KY. I'm pooped by now.

Really pooped. And so are my poor kids. 5 weeks on the road is a LONG time. Remind me not to do that again....

Neverless, KY is great. It's so beautiful there. Every time I go, I'm in awe of the beautiful landscape, the weather (which was surprisingly HOT this time), the trees, and the homes. sigh.... I love it.

I also love getting to do my yearly UK shopping, which was minimal this year. Bummer! Still, I managed to get a new T-shirt, a tank top, some of those adorable VS panties, a couple of shirts for W and some Old Kentucky Chocolates... yum!

Here's a few photos from our trip:
(Mom getting rid of her 35 year old quilt, My Uncle Joe's wedding celebration party, GrandDaddy's new apt, some Holbrook's, and me trying to curl my hair with Dad's socks....)

While we were there, I got to see my new cousin Xavier. Man!!! What a cutie pie!

I don't have any photos of him on my camera... sad.... because I was pretty much snuggling him every minute he was around.

We also helped my GrandDaddy move out of his home and into an apartment. That was a LOT of work. We sorted thru a bunch of old stuff.... a bunch.... we found some stuff that was cool, though.

Like these old prairie girl costumes and many others that Ella just had to bring home. Including some old dresses of mine from when I was little.

We also found a VERY old vintage dress, gloves, and hat that Angie would have loved... but it was so dry rotted, that I couldn't even get a good photo of it. Sad. Really sad. It was so cool- probably from the 20's. Mom and I both ripped the gloves trying to put them on.

But salvageable and sooooo cool are these little planters. I just LOVE them.

and the best find of all- was some of my Granny's old sewing things, including an old Singer sewing machine that my Mom and Dad are going to have repaired for me. :)

And these boxes:

Full of:

old trims and vintage buttons.

And lots of cool patterns!
My favorites:

Where were these when I was nursing and couldn't find patterns anywhere???

This is the pattern Mom made most of my big brother's clothes with.

These are funny- because a lot of these are coming back in style.

These ones must have been purchased by my Mom, that's her handwriting of my Granny's name (Millie) and Granny had a million of those little terry cloth rompers. She loved them.

And one more find I was pretty stoked about: this old Barbie Simplicity Fashion Designer. I had one as a kid and LOVED it!

so... that completes the 5 week Vacation tour on the road.
Our summer ends with a BIG BANG when my big brother, Michael, and my sister in law, Sharon, come to visit AR the next day after we return from KY!
Pictures of that tomorrow and then.... let's hope it quiets down.

I'm exhausted.


BConky said...

Love the pics. The one of Whitney and Grandaddy is adorable. I washed all my buttons and sorted them and put them in baggies.

Diane said...

Hi! I just found your blog and am slowly reading it from front to back (while I'm at work and supposed to be doing some work!). I'm in Louisville, Kentucky and just wondered what your connection to Kentucky is? (I keep seeing all of the UK stuff and well, I'm just nosey!) By the way, I love all the things you make for your girls. Too cute!!