Monday, August 9, 2010

Week one of the Summer Tour 2010

5 weeks of traveling and we are finally home.
I know you guys have missed me. Thank you for all the emails.
I've missed sewing and blogging and testing, too.
I am ready to get back into a regular routine.

We have company this week! Wooooo Hoooooo! My brother and his three kids are here.
So.... I will be sharing our 5 week 'vacation' with you guys this week- one week for each day.

Week one starts off in my home town.
My cousin, Tiffany, and her family are in town also.

My little sister's engagement party:

4th of July at the Rangers game:
(Thank you John and Sherri!)

Lucy breaks her arm:
See post here.

I get to test a dress pattern:
More info on this soon!

Wedding dress shopping with Judy:
...but I'm not allowed to post any pictures of her in the gowns... so here's some of Ella and Bay dressing up. They loved it!

Go see Eclipse!:
I wore this dress I made... it's falling apart. :(

Week one major bummer: Nasty virus going around- kids are sick- adults feel sick. Ugh. Nasty.


ShirleyC said...

Glad to see you back. Ha Ha! I got your message. I'm glad you answered too. Just kidding. I was referring to people who repeatedly ignore emails, and such. At least you would have had a good excuse. You were gone!

Terri Bowden said...

LOVE the dress you tested! And so glad you're back, I've missed reading. Hopefully I'll be back later this next week! Hope youg uys had an amazing summer =)

Anonymous said...


BConky said...

Busy week. Miss the kids. Tired still.

BConky said...

Busy week. Miss the kids. Tired still.