Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week Three of the Summer Vacation Tour

Well... I'm so bummed about these missing pictures. I just can't even tell you how upset I am.


All William's 7th birthday photos missing.
We may have to have another party.


So.... This week I actually got back to the machine for a bit.

I made these adorable sunglasses cases for my kiddos. That's been on the to-do list for a LONG time! They love them and I have some orders from my nieces and nephews for a 'pouch'.

All the fabrics are from Grandma's sewing room.
William chose Batman.

Ella chose this adorable unicorn print.

And Lucy chose lipstick. What else?

The kids went to most of Judy's summer classes, but I like the photos from this one the best. It was Rock Star. How fun!

They also had fun going to Pink Panthers!

I squeezed in a little fabric shopping at JoAnn's. Fun, fun, fun.
I have no photos for that...... thank God. The proof is not on film. :)

We had a cupcake party at Bay's house:
(sorry for all the photos.... they're just TOO cute)

We also had a 'make up' tea party for Emma. She was sick during Judy's real tea party. It was immediately following the cupcake party... so it wasn't a total success, but still fun.

I also squeezed in another visit with my friend Lindsey at our good friend's the Murray's. The kids LOVED Grandpa Joe and Lindsey's cinnamon rolls!

Lucy's glove malfunctioned this week and got her cast horribly soaked.

So.... goodbye hot pink cast.

Yes... she wore that pink hair to the Dr. office. "See, I told you, Mom! Everyone does think I'm beautiful in my pink hair"..... and I'm proved wrong again.

Hello, orange cast. And just in time for group pictures of the Grand babies.

But, first, I get to go watch Dylan in action at Karate class. "Yes sir, yes sir, sir"

And we finally give Pops his Father's Day gift and it was a huge success.
Hooray for JCPenney's portraits!

and we even snuck in a quick visit with my sister in law's sister, Jenn, at the end of the week. Her kids are just the cutest!
This photo isn't from our visit- but it's just TOO CUTE not to share.

and so.... the week of cramming everything in is over and next week we're headed to Jerry's hometown- with Dylan!


jellaan said...

Wow, you guys have been busy!! Looks like you had lots of fun visiting with friends and family!!

laura said...

Try using on the flash drives or sd cards the pictures were on. Disk Digger has found deleted pics for me on several occasions!

Liz said...

Holy cow to we have the cutest kids ever or what! All I can think of with Lucy's sunglass holder is "Yucy yoves yipstick and yoyyipops" Hahaha!

BConky said...

The pics are all adorable. Sorry forgot to look for pics last night. Busy night. Will try to remember tonight.

Anonymous said...