Thursday, September 30, 2010

Twirl Girl Dress- Barbie style

I got to test this pattern for Laura, too. Wooo Hooo!

I love this dress with the twirly, bias cut skirt
and really wanted to make a pretty woman dress.

I've always loved it and wanted one... but lack the figure it takes to pull it off- so now I want to make it for Boos.

She had different ideas for this pattern.
Namely- Barbie.

For her birthday, she got this movie from Grandma and the matching Barbie doll from her Aunt Sharon, so she's been dying for the dress.

The one we bought from Target just didn't do it for her in the end. I knew it wouldn't.... but she wouldn't listen to me.

I was lucky to have all of these fabrics in my stash already and besides being difficult to hem all the skirts, this dress was a breeze to make.

And made my little ones VERY happy!

It's very, very twirly... I could hardly get a shot of her still.

She loves the little belt on the dress, too, but wonders why I didn't make it sing (like the Barbie doll). Come on.

Lucy had to get in on the action, too.

I just love her little modeling poses. :)

Oh. And a quick review of this movie- it's adorable. Barbies aunt is a fashion designer in Paris. The songs are great and they sew and there is a bit with a dog that even William laughs at. Except for a bit too much romance between Barbie and Ken- they actually kiss at the end of the movie(uncommon in Barbie movies)- and Ken says in a very dramatic voice, "I would NEVER break up with you" (which is now in Ella's repertoire of commonly used phrases... great....) I would Highly recommend this movie.

So, Ella wins this time.

I will win next time. She will have a Pretty Woman dress.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School Girl and lots of firsts!

This dress is full of firsts for National Sewing Month... which is almost over. :(
I pledged to try some new things and I feel pretty good about what I accomplished.

AND I love how this dress turned out!

The pattern is School Girl by Ellie Inspired and will be available for purchase soon. I got to test it! :D

I made this one for Lucy....

but Ella wants one also. I think it will be so cute for her for school next year. She had to model it, too- even though it is scandalously short.

So... the first first was the yoke.
I've never done one before so naturally... I put the applique to high on the first bodice I cut out.

Drats! I'm going to cut it up and make a doll outfit... eventually.

First #2- piping.

I've put piping on a pillowcase and the bottom of some jammies with cuffs- but never on a dress or any seams with curves.

First #3- Making my own piping.
Well, Wal-Mart didn't have the right pink, so I had to make my own piping. It wasn't so difficult... but I definitely need more practice. It is far from perfect.

When I saw this pattern- I knew I wanted to make it plaid and I knew I wanted to cut the yoke and the waistband on the bias. That's where First #4 comes in.
#4- Cutting yoke and waistband on the bias.
Of course, I had to consult my 'source of infinite sewing wisdom'- my Mom.
She told me to cut it on the bias and then cut facing pieces out of a woven fabric on grain- so that those pieces would be stable and not stretch. Check.

Then First #5- back placket with buttons down the dress.
I've never done this either, but I like it. I think the buttons add so much to this little dress.
I typically like to purchase buttons, add them to my button box and stare at them... but rarely use them.

Now, I can just admire them on the dress. Cool.

The applique I used is this sweet, simple Scotty dog by GGDesigns and of course, had to make the matching hair stitchies. I love those!!!

And just one more photo.
I love this expression on Lucy- but I hate that you can tell we were using an old spaghetti stained undershirt.... oops.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emma Daisy's Birthday presents

Well... my niece requested a store bought gift this year. :(
Always sad for me.

But... I decided to make her a couple things anyways. :)

She's been asking for a 'dog' dress for a while and I love getting
requests like that, because my girls don't want anything but princess crap.

I'm not much of a dog person, but there is one dog that I LOVE! She is a lab and the best dog in the world so, I used this cute little lab from Planet Applique.

I went with a knit dress, because who doesn't love a knit dress.

I know Lucy does.

and Ella does, too.

They both want one, now.

I used a pattern that I've had for a while, but never made.
I don't know why... It's super cute.
McCall's 5615

I like the back. It has elastic strung thru a casing and some bias tape.
Super cute and great for when you don't have the model to fit.

Little bows to match, too.

I can't wait to see Emma in this little dress.

And one more little surprise for Emma.
She loved Ella's when she was here.

Happy Birthday Emma Daisy. Aunt Cole loves you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day one- Fall Cleaning

Did I have fun today?
Not really!

I spent the entire day cleaning/organizing/sorting/de-junking Williams room.
I should have taken some before pictures.... but... I forgot.

William was a good helper for me.
So, I rewarded him with some new art supplies and some new speakers for his computer.

I'm so pleased with the results! :)
I wonder how long it will stay like this???

Now, on to the girls room tomorrow.... the worst room in the house.....

Friday, September 24, 2010

1960's Challenge Dress, Testing, and Celebrate Yellow

I was able to combine testing with two challenges on this one! Woooo hooooo!

I was so thrilled to get an opportunity to test for Ellie Inspired. Laura and I "met" on sewforum. I have always admired her work and when I saw her preview of 'Daddy's Girl'- I was in love.

I knew I could use it for my 1960's challenge channeling Doris Day and Down with Love- favorites! :)
I immediately knew what fabric I wanted to make it in and rushed out to get it.

This is a polyester suiting from Hancock Fabrics. It's one of the most expensive fabrics I've ever purchased (Thank goodness it was 53% off) cause I really love it.

I'm so glad I splurged instead of buying the cheap, flannel houndstooth I was going to get. I love the little buttons down the back and the little cuffs on the sleeves.

After much deliberation about which buttons to use for the front,

I decided to Celebrate Yellow
Ella was leery at first, but wound up loving it.

And using this photo as inspiration

I made a little shrug to go with it.

I used this free pattern from Of course, adding the BIG yellow buttons

and lining it with bright yellow, too.

I made them both a little bigger so that Ella can wear them to school next year.
.... I hate thinking about that. I will miss her so much, but since she can't wear dress up clothes to Kindergarten.....

I like the 1960's. :)

Buy Daddy's girl here or check out the other testers photos here.

Or maybe you want to do the Decades Challenge or Celebrate Yellow. So many fun things to do and see!

oh.... and I also found another sewing forum this week. I'm so excited. It's called EverythingSewing. Go check it out.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alyssa's Portrait Dress

Well. I did it.
I finished up Grapes' portrait dress last night and could barely contain myself from the excitement. I think it turned out sooooo cute. I just LOVE it.

I used the Simply Sweet pattern for the top and winged the skirt and the sash, drawing inspiration from a photo Liz sent me that she liked.
Sadly, I don't know who this photo belongs to, to give credit.

I'm pleased with the result.

The back is pretty DANG cute, too.

And the bows.

And for fun...
Some shots of the girls together.

They love each other so much.
And they were awesome models this morning, because I bribed them with some new Hershey kisses we got yesterday.


both surprisingly tasty.
You should get some. :)