Friday, September 17, 2010

1950's Challenge

I'm so excited this challenge is back up and running. I was just TOO busy over the summer to add it to the schedule.

I still have a couple of the earlier decades to complete and I WILL do them.

Here's my 1900-1910 dress
Here's my 1910-1920 dress

I also have my 1940's challenge done, but have yet to photograph it. Maybe next week.

But... my favorite so far is my 1950's challenge- which is this week's.

Nothing says 50's to me like aprons and I love Lucy- two of my very favorite things.
Plus, Lucy's other little Lucy outfit is too small. Boo hoo.... :(
She wore it the other day and it was cutting into her little arms.

I used the Nana's RETRO pinafore pattern again and also re-used the red and white polka dot peasant dress to complete the look.

I just added another little apron to the front.

This pinafore is SO easy to make. I cut it out the other night and finished it yesterday morning in less than 2 hours.

Lucy loves it... but not as much as I do. I'm thinking I need an adult version.
Why is it that I can never make a comfortable apron for me?

I love her little bow, too.

I love the 1950's style. I love 'I Love Lucy' and I love this little dress that Christie made for the challenge. Go check it out and join in the fun and do some challenges.


BConky said...

REally could Lucy be any cutier. I don't think so. Love it. Adorable. Miss you all.

Sheila said...

oh my! Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!

Sara said...

Oh how adorable!!! too cute for words!

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Yea! I'm so happy to have you back for the challenge! And thank you for the compliment. Seriously, this outfit you made is absolutely adorable. You are really talented!

Anonymous said...

Your little Lucy is ADORABLE! <3 I totally fell in love with her. Lovely apron, and Lucy really seems to know how to model it :)

Justine said...

Have your daughters ever watch an episode of I Love Lucy?! Lucy is so funny! I love that show :)

Great job on the dresses.

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